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Hearthstone : Deck Galakrond Warlock

The Galakrond Warlock deck was born with Descent of Dragons, and has been refined with the 35 new cards from Galakrond's Awakening. This is the perfect opportunity to take a look at the Galakrond Warlock deck, its ingame code, the cards required and its gameplay.

How to get better in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

The new Hearthstone Battlegrounds game mode has been a huge success since the beta opened on November 12, 2019. However, tactics and strategies may still be unclear for beginners. Here is a guide to get started and understand how to make the right decisions.

Swarm the board with our Galakrond Zoolock guide!

Like the Face Hunter, the Aggro Warlock, i.e the Zoolock, is one of the oldest archetypes in Hearthstone. Adapting to each expansion, he is back with Descent of Dragons and Galakrond's Awakening!

How to play Demon archetype in Battlegrounds

After looking at the Mechs, Murlocs and Beasts, now it's time for you to be the king of the Battlegrounds. This guide gives you need to know about demons, thanks to the synergies and the best minions of the Demon archetype.

Heartstone: Best and Worst spells used by Reno

The Amazing Reno appeared with the single-player mode Galakrond's Awakening, and the least we can say is that he likes randomness! By casting a spell at the beginning of your turn, you'll never know what to expect. What are the best and worst results?

Descent of Dragons Deck Guide: Highlander Rogue

It's one of the most fun decks of the Descent of Dragons expansion, but it's also one of the most complete and stable! We offer you a small turnkey guide to help you handle it with dexterity.

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