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FFXIV: How to unlock the Pixie Beast Tribe

FFXIV Beast Tribes
FFXIV: How to unlock the Pixie Beast Tribe

Released with Patch 5.1 of FFXIV the Pixie Beast Tribe is a very good way of farming Materias like the Savage Might VIII. Here is how to unlock the Pixie Beast Tribe

FFXIV: How to unlock the Pixie Beast Tribe

The Pixie Beast Tribe is a good way of farming level 8 Materias in Final Fantasy XIV and this time you will not need any crafter of gatherers as the daily quests can be played with the combat jobs.

Unlocking Pixie Beast Tribe FFXIV

To unlock the Pixie Beast Tribe you will need to complete the quest called Manic Pixie Dream Realm. This quest is available by talking to PinkPixie in the Crystarium (X: 13.1 Y: 15.2) after progressing enough in the Main Story Quest.

This quest chain is composed of six quests in total including Manic Pixie Dream Realm. Once you completed these quests you will be able to take the daily quests. A total of 22 daily quests are available, some of them being unlocked when your reputation with the beast tribe evolves.

FFXIV: How to unlock the Dwarf Beast Tribe

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FFXIV: Dwarf Beast Tribe Rewards List

If you are working on the Dwarf Beast Tribe in FFXIV here is our list of all the rewards available and their cost.

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