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Play it Safe Cyberpunk 2077: should Oda be spared?

It's time for V to spring into action with Takemura, in this very long mission to capture Hanako Arasaka. It's full of iconic weapons, and there are a few bonus picks to choose from. Here is a walkthrough guide to achieve it in an optimal way.

David Martinez Cyberpunk 2077: Get Edgerunners Anime Jacket

The success of the Trigger anime on Netflix has not failed to restore interest in CP2077, but also in this reckless teenager with a Sandevistan implant. Find out about him in this guide, as well as the position of his pieces of equipment in game.

Find and dig up the Scientist's stolen notes

For this first week of season 4, the plot is centered on the mysterious notes of the Scientist. This member of the Seven seems to know something about the Herald and his chrome slowly engulfing the island.

Where can I find the new vault keys?

Strongboxes are making a comeback in Fortnite with Season 4! And this time there will be two types of vaults, which will require a different number of keys. You are told how to find the keys, and you are given the locations of the vaults.

How to download Omega Strikers?

Recently available in open beta, Omega Strikers fascinates fans of fighting games and moba. We show you the procedure - very simple - to get the game for free via Steam.

Who are the best characters on Omega Strikers?

Score goals, defend, play maker... There are many strategic dimensions in Omega Strikers, and some fighters do better than others, as is customary in mobas! Here is the ranking of the most effective characters in the field.

Talking about the scientist's notes at Dark Heart

In this new season, chrome invades the island of Fortnite. One of your first missions will be to collect information on this mysterious liquid, and for this you will have to see the character of Black Heart, which is located in Lustrous Lagoon.

WoW WotLK: Anub'Rekhan's Complete Guide to Naxxramas

Anub'Rekhan is the fifth boss in Naxxramas, the second raid in World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion. Discover in this guide its mechanics as well as the strategy to adopt in order to defeat it.

Evolve evochrome weapons by dealing damage

Chromium is seeping everywhere in the new season of Fortnite! And even in the arsenal of weapons, this liquid leaves fingerprints. For this challenge, you will have to naturally evolve Evochrome weapons. We take stock of this new feature of season 4.

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