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Diablo Immortal release suspended in China

Originally scheduled for June 23, the arrival of Blizzard's F2P MMO in China has been postponed indefinitely following what appears to be the suspension of its license. Rumors and theories about monetization and banning on social media could explain this.

Diablo Immortal: Wyatt Cheng Talks Legendary Rates

The discovery of invisible rates and caps all over Blizzard's F2P MMO has made players wary, and many believe that you can't find more than a certain number of legendary items and sets per day or even per week. The game director tries to clear things up.

Diablo Immortal Reportedly Made Over $20 Million In 2 Weeks

This is only an estimate, and it is limited to mobile platforms, i.e. on Android and iOs. But for now, Blizzard's F2P MMO looks like a financial success, at least in the short term. It would be interesting to discover the official figures and their evolution over time.

Diablo Immortal: Simulate the price of your 5-star gem

A player used the official numbers from the online store to create an Ancestral Rift Simulator with 10 Legendary Emblems, which cost around $25. This allows you to visualize your chances of getting one, and how much it would cost you.

PVP, real hell for free to play players?

Pay to win or free to play, everyone is free to progress at their own pace in their adventure. The trouble begins when, via the game's pvp mode, the two types of players can come face to face on the battlefield. Honorable fights then turn into bloodbaths...

Martanos Diablo Immortal: Position and how to beat him?

Lord Martanos is a Zakarum paladin who became a world boss in Mount Zavain in Blizzard's F2P MMO. Follow our guide to find out how to summon it, then defeat it, in order to get your hands on its nice loot.

Diablo Immortal breaks a very sad record on Metacritic

Diablo Immortal continues its descent into hell, in the depths of the worst ratings ever known on Metacritic. This weekend, Blizzard's game earned the disastrous title of "the most poorly rated game in the history of the site".

Temple of Namari Diablo Immortal : Sargoth Dungeon Set

Several instances that can be done solo or in a group await you in the Diablo mobile game. Full of enemies, bosses, and loot, these are great ways to quickly farm XP as well as progress through your Battle Pass. This is the 5th dungeon, Temple of Namari in Bilefen.

Diablo Immortal Celebrates 10 Million Downloads and fails Again

Blizzard's mobile game has reached the symbolic threshold of 10 million downloads worldwide in just one week. The publisher therefore paid for its round of in-game rewards from the community. And only received in return mockery and jeers.

Best launch in franchise history? Really ?

As Diablo Immortal continues to take a storm of criticism over its monetization, Blizzard is proudly displaying "the biggest launch in the Diablo franchise." The mobile game this morning passed the milestone of 10 million downloads, all platforms combined.

Free to play players would be hampered by hidden loot "quotas"

The gameplay of Diablo Immortal delights the community, but the monetization of the title remains across the throat of most players. A very assiduous fan recently made a dark discovery about the free to play aspect of mobile gaming.

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