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Diablo Immortal hits $100 million milestone

Diablo Immortal hits $100 million milestone

Blizzard's mobile F2P MMO would have generated this significant revenue in just 8 weeks, according to a review site. This places it among the most profitable mobile games at launch, and one of the most popular at the moment. Some comparisons are also made with the competition.

Unfortunately, this is still not official information from Blizzard regarding Diablo Immortal, but we will have to be satisfied with it for the moment. The information comes from the Sensor Tower site, which specializes in analyzing data from mobile games.

Diablo Immortal

A good place in the rankings

Since its launch on June 1, Diablo Immortal has reportedly generated $100,000 million in revenue on the App Store and Google Play, placing it in 13th place for player spending on mobile during this period, and at second place for the speed record to reach this symbolic threshold. It was faster than Fire Emblem Heroes and Fortnite, which took 10 and 12 weeks respectively to reach the 100,000 million mark. It is, however, far behind Pokémon GO , which had been a real worldwide phenomenon when it was released, and which had generated these revenues in just 2 weeks.

It is nevertheless necessary to bring an important precision, that these incomes do not take into account those generated on PC, via, which one imagines rather important also. But as the data above only relates to the mobile part of the games, it is still relevant.

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal finally available in China

What has helped Diablo Immortal rake in the revenue in recent days is, of course , its launch in China on July 25th . With its huge player base, and the popularity of the Diablo license, China is clearly Blizzard's core target in this case. Diablo Immortal's revenues would have been much higher if it had been released in Asia, and in China, at the same time as the rest of the world. While enthusiasm for the game has died down everywhere, having been cooled by the outrageously aggressive monetization and the various scandals around the game, it is to be expected that China will be an important source of income for the game, at least for the next few weeks. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to retain his popularity and player base in China in the long term.

There are also no official figures on the number of regular players like we have on Steam, but if we are to believe the many feedback from players facing empty servers and queues that do not fill up never for dungeons, there's good reason to believe that a large portion of players have already moved on.

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