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GTA 5 Online: Dinka Kanjo SJ and Dinka Postlude are coming!

The novelties of the week are available from this September 22 in GTA Online. On the program, two new vehicles, but also new bonuses through the missions and modes of the title. Here's everything you need to know to fill your pockets with moula!

Did Elden Ring bury Bloodborne Remastered?

Bloodborne remastered, we're not going to lie to each other, everyone has been asking for it for years. However, the announcement is long overdue... but why exactly? It seems that an insider now has the answer to this question.

Big sanction for G2 after the drama evening of Ocelote

neL, the 1PV journalist dropped a bomb in the night... While Ocelote's evening with the Tate brothers caused a huge drama on the networks, more or less serious consequences for the structure could be foreseen. The sentence has fallen and Carlos can bite his fingers!

A new map and a new chapter at the end of this season 4?

What if the brand new season 4 was actually the last of chapter 3? We would then be entitled to a brand new card before Christmas. This seemingly wacky theory recently got fleshed out after dataminers collected some pretty compelling clues.

No event, little hype... Is this season 4 already a flop?

Difficult beginnings with the community for this episode of BR. Backed by unexciting features, the traditional hype of the new season is already unraveling, after a few hours of existence. It's floundering at Epic Games. And not just in chrome.

PS5: A very surprising new model would be in development

After the leaks of GTA 6 at Rockstar and that of Diablo 4 at Activision Blizzard, you will take back a small dose of indiscretion on one of the bigwigs of the industry. The freshly opened site of journalist Tom Henderson unveils a brand new version of PlayStation 5.

GTA 6: The hacker threatens Rockstar Games

While the video game industry is going through a real earthquake with the leaks of GTA 6, the hacker behind this earthquake wants to negotiate with the Rockstar Games studio. Will the developers give in? Is it serious? We tell you everything.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: 5 Things Unreachable Right Now

In early access at the moment, Disney Dreamlight Valley has countless activities and a pretty colossal lifespan. However, many features, present in the game, are currently inaccessible. Let's do a check in !

GTA 5 Online: Banned from Twitch for having in-game sex

It is sometimes difficult to understand how the Twitch platform really works... While streamers are banned for a few days for fairly hot stories, it seems that RP sex is not tolerated by the giant Amazon either.

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