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Is Astronaut Veigar a pay to win skin?

League of Legends has many bugs. While most of the time they don't really impact the game, they can sometimes be destructive. And that's exactly what happens with the Astronaut Veigar skin.

Amumu's Among Us skin we would like to see on League of Legends

Mods in League of Legends aren't new, but they're definitely getting more and more successful. And this one, bringing together Riot Games' MOBA and InnerSloth's hugely successful little indie title, Among Us, is just perfect.

Faker's one and only competitive pentakill

The Immortal Demon King is often said to be and will remain the best player in League of Legends history. Yet he only striked one pentakill in his career. It is still remembered today as an unforgettable spectacle.

Are mounts coming soon in Fortnite?

Riding with your squad towards the Victory Royale, might soon be possible in Fortnite as Dataminers revealed animals and mechanical mounts are coming this season.

How many replacements will the teams have at Worlds 2021?

Substitutes are becoming more and more important in League of Legends. Some teams no longer play with only 5 players and perform real rotations. But how many substitutes will be able to participate in 2021 Worlds?

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