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Diablo 4: List of legendary objects, legendary items

Thanks to the demo and the conferences, we know some legendary objects and a mythical object, from Diablo IV, discover them all here, with their legendary powers. This list will be expanded whenever possible.

Diablo IV Druid Guide: Talents, skills, techniques & spells

After a notable appearance in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, the Druid class finally returns with Diablo IV. Here's all you need to know about the Spirit, the wolves, the powers of nature, the talent tree, and the skills.

Diablo 4 Sorceress Guide: talents, skills, techniques, spells

If you feel like playing a spellcaster, the Sorceress is your choice in Diablo IV. Freeze your enemies with Blizzard, electrocute them with chains of lightning, or pulverize them with meteors. Here's the info on the mana, talent tree, and skills.

Activision Blizzard reveal Q4 earnings

Activision Blizzard have released their earnings for the quarter ending December 31, 2019 — and it’s very much a good news, bad news situation.


Rod Fergusson swaps The Coalition for Blizzard

We're used to hearing about departures from Activision Blizzard, but this time it's the other way. Rod Fergusson, best known for the Gears of War franchise, is leaving Microsoft and The Coalition to take over the Diablo franchise.

Diablo 4: What are players expecting?

The announcement of Diablo IV at BlizzCon has created a lot of hype among fans, but also a lot of fear given the general sentiment around Diablo III. Here, we attempt to list what the community is expecting most from Blizzard.

Diablo 4: Trade, exchanges, items transfers

Players are always eager to find shortcuts or put money in their pockets, here are explanations of the rules that currently govern item trading in Diablo IV from what Blizzard developers have explained.

Diablo 4: All about the loot system & statistics

Between Diablo II and Diablo III veterans or Path of Exile fans, there is a heated debate about what the equipment and statistics should look like in Diablo IV. Here is everything that Blizzard have revealed about items so far.

Diablo 4: All about Runes and Rune Words

A popular feature from Diablo II will return in Diablo IV — Runes. These can be embedded in equipment to trigger special effects. Their function is explained here, with a list of known runes.


Diablo 4: Lilith Premium Statue

An impressive collector's statuette of Lilith, the antagonist of Diablo IV, painted by hand is available for purchase on the Blizzard Gear Store. Similar to the one on display at BlizzCon 2019, it may help you wait until the release date if your money burns your fingers.


Diablo 4: Classes, characters, news

You can choose from 5 classes in Diablo IV, discover those already confirmed, such as the Barbarian, the Sorceress and the Druid, and their abilities, but also our theories and clues about the upcoming classes until you can play them on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Diablo 4: Estimated release date

One of the most frequently asked questions about Diablo IV is obviously its release date. Here we explore in detail different possibilities and what may influence the famous 'release date' so much claimed from Blizzard.


Diablo 4: World & Lore conference

The developers of Diablo IV are shedding some light on the Story background and the world of Sanctuary in this BlizzCon 2019 conference.


Diablo 4 Sanctuary's map revealed at BlizzCon

Unveiled at BlizzCon and via the official website, Sanctuary's map promises to be larger and more interesting than in previous games, as it will be an open world. Discover the different zones and environments that you will need to explore before you go and face Lilith and her demons.


Diablo 4: Q&A about the game with the developers

Our on-site envoys to BlizzCon were able to interview Diablo IV developers as a group with the rest of the press. Here is a summary of the answers and information obtained, crafts, classes, multiplayer, offline, objects, monetization, everything goes through.


Diablo 4 gets a gameplay trailer at BlizzCon 2019

Here is the first Diablo 4 gameplay video, unveiled during BlizzCon 2019. It gives you the opportunity to discover the game engine, the Barbarian, Witch and Druid class, the environment, the world, the fights and more.


BlizzCon 2019 : Opening Ceremony as it happened
BlizzCon 2019: All the announcements

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