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Diablo 4: The first invitations to the restricted beta have arrived

Diablo 4: The first invitations to the restricted beta have arrived

Blizzard seems to have sent out the first wave of invites to players, inviting them to experience Diablo IV's high-level content. It's going to be time to watch your emails if you are registered, you may be one of the lucky ones.

A few days ago, the developers of Diablo 4 communicated on the content of the game's restricted beta, as well as on the invitation procedures. If we are to believe the first topics that appeared on Reddit and Resetea , players have already received their invitation.

Diablo 4

Invitations are just getting started

Many people report having received an invitation, which gives good reason to believe that the invitations have indeed been sent to the players. If you haven't received anything yet, that doesn't mean you haven't been invited yet, it's too early to be depressed. Invitations are often made in waves, and it often happens that they favor certain geographical areas or certain player profiles.

As a reminder, you have until October 11 to register by following the instructions below. And according to the official message from Blizzard, it is from November 18 that it is possible to be sure that you have not been invited. It only remains to hope for better luck in the next waves of invitations. In the worst case, a public test phase should arrive at the beginning of next year.

A confidential beta, in theory

The friends and family of Blizzard employees testing phase had its share of leaks, despite the strict restrictions applied that accompanied this version of the game, such as on-screen watermarking, which makes it easy to trace the identity of the user responsible for the leak.

This second phase of testing is also supposed to be confidential, so streams and videos will quickly be banned. But the multiplication of the number of users, as well as restrictions, probably less important, mean that screenshots and videos should be published everywhere on social networks.

It will also be interesting to collect the opinions of many players on the gameplay of Diablo 4. Watching someone play, and having the controller (or mouse) in hand, being radically different.

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