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Diablo 4: the beta of the game discovered on

Diablo 4: the beta of the game discovered on

Diablo IV's 2023 release date looks on track to be met by Blizzard, as dataminers have found information about a beta test phase and its installation in the launcher.

Blizzard has become accustomed to carrying out different beta phases for its games before their launch, in particular for the Diablo series. When we see the result at the exit, we can often wonder if it really served any purpose, but maybe Diablo 4 will finally break this bad series, and prove to be up to the expectations of the players. The first step is therefore a conclusive beta test phase, since having the game in hand, and actively playing for long hours, days, even weeks, is very different from a few trailers concocted by the studio.

A first beta in sight on

As Blizzard announced game codes for players adopting a Diablo 4 tattoo, dataminers pulled information from the client. The game is scheduled for 2023, and it is reassuring to see that a first beta is approaching, especially since there should be several. The game must incorporate many online features in its open world, such as PvP or world bosses. These parts of the infrastructure and netcode should be tested, not to mention general balancing.

The extracted data refers to Diablo 4's codename, which was in use before it was officially announced in 2018: Fenris. If you're curious, you can find the game's configuration data pulled from on WoWhead .

Diablo 4

A private beta reserved for Blizzard

Rod Fergusson, general manager of the Diablo franchise at Blizzard, preferred to communicate on the subject so as not to give players false hope, which proves that they have learned something lately. As he clarifies in a post on Twitter, they appreciate the community's enthusiasm for the Discovery Beta on, but it's only a release for internal testing at Blizzard . This is not a public beta. He nevertheless specifies that public tests will take place in the future, as we approach the release date in 2023.

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