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Diablo 4: Monetization addressed by Blizzard

Diablo 4: Monetization addressed by Blizzard

While abuses of Diablo Immortal's P2W monetization are unleashing passions, and players are worried about the future of Diablo IV, the community manager is trying to reassure. In any case, expect a paid shop in-game.

We've been treated to quite a bit of information and announcements about Diablo 4 over the past few days, such as the Necromancer class, and an expected release date of 2023. But as the days go by, the more Diablo Immortal shows Blizzard is doing. showing no restraint in trying to charge players, at least in its mobile game.

Concerns over the direction of Diablo 4

Remember that it takes more than 110,000 euros to optimize its legendary gems, and that's not counting the other aspects of the game such as gems. At the same time, the studio is showing incredible stinginess this week, whether at the level of connection bonuses, or the celebration of 10 million downloads, with gifts of symbolic value, while even the worst games mobile of the kind turn out to be much more generous. If we add to this the rain of various scandals that have affected Activision Blizzard in recent years, and especially Diablo 4, which has lost its director and its lead designer, it is legitimate to expect the worst, especially in terms of monetization.

Diablo 4

Blizzard tries to reassure

There is complete radio silence regarding the monetization of Diablo Immortal, and its possible future improvements. On the other hand, Adam Fletcher, alias PezRadar, the community manager of the Diablo license, responded on Twitter, about the monetization of Diablo 4.

To translate his words, Diablo 4 would be a game sold at full price (60-70 euros probably), but designed only for the PC and consoles, as well as their audience. The game is huge, with plenty of post-launch content for all players. Paid content is going to be centered around optional cosmetic items and full expansions . More information should be coming soon.

It may seem reassuring at first, but it's still frustrating to have to pay for cosmetic items, when at one time they were unlocked through play. Hopefully it will be "Pay to fast" and they can also be unlocked by playing, and not just by drawing the blue card.

It should not be forgotten that representatives of Blizzard have also been caught in the act of lying, in particular Wyatt Cheng. Not content to be the source of the same "Do you guys don't have phones?", he recently commented on the fact that players are unhappy because they are misinformed about the game. He also clearly said on Reddit a few months ago that it is impossible to buy or improve your equipment on Diablo Immortal. Legendary Gems are unquestionably equipment, since they are inserted directly into armor pieces and worn by your character. You can check out his response here . The problem being that when a lie is discovered, it is difficult to trust the person or company responsible again. And while the studio hasn't been shy about lying about Diablo Immortal, there's no guarantee it won't do the same for Diablo 4. Hopefully Microsoft's potential takeover of Activision Blizzard next year will improve the things, if any.

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