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Welcome to the Fortnite portal. If you like skydiving, bushes and you have a passion for DIY, this is your home. Here you'll find all the guides, tips and news you need to be unbeatable in Epic Games' battle royale title.

Are mounts coming soon in Fortnite?

Riding with your squad towards the Victory Royale, might soon be possible in Fortnite as Dataminers revealed animals and mechanical mounts are coming this season.

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Fortnite: Get the free Papa Guff skin during Christmas!

A free skin on Fortnite? You never say no, especially when the maneuver to obtain it is quite simple. This exclusive outfit is on paper intended for PC players, but you can still get it otherwise! We explain how.

Fortnite makes Top 1 in the hearts of porn lovers

In the video game world, it must be said that we have something for everyone... FPS, adventure, action, we are served, and if there is a game that performs in the field of Battle Royale, it also performs. ..on adult sites! Yes, Fortnite is also Top 1 there.

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Deal damage to opponents with a sniper rifle

During this Christmas season, challenges and tempting rewards are everywhere. One of the challenges of the moment will ask you to inflict damage using sniper rifles, and we explain where to find these weapons during Chapter 4.

Toss Holiday Gifts at different Named Locations

One of the newest Christmas challenges asks you to throw holiday gifts in different towns in Fortnite. We tell you where to find these famous presents, and how to be sure to validate the challenge.

Where to find motorcycles in Fortnite?

Whether you want to complete challenges or just have fun with this season's new vehicle, dirt bike locations matter. And that's good, because we have the card you need to climb on a bike without incident.

Open a safe

The end of the season is approaching, and Epic Games is again asking us to open a vault. We show you how to find the precious container, which is currently the subject of confusion among inattentive players!

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