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Deal damage to opponents with a sniper rifle

During this Christmas season, challenges and tempting rewards are everywhere. One of the challenges of the moment will ask you to inflict damage using sniper rifles, and we explain where to find these weapons during Chapter 4.

Toss Holiday Gifts at different Named Locations

One of the newest Christmas challenges asks you to throw holiday gifts in different towns in Fortnite. We tell you where to find these famous presents, and how to be sure to validate the challenge.

Where to find motorcycles in Fortnite?

Whether you want to complete challenges or just have fun with this season's new vehicle, dirt bike locations matter. And that's good, because we have the card you need to climb on a bike without incident.

Open a safe

The end of the season is approaching, and Epic Games is again asking us to open a vault. We show you how to find the precious container, which is currently the subject of confusion among inattentive players!

Where to find soccer fields in Fortnite?

The passion for football, fueled by the World Cup in Qatar, is sure to spill over into Fortnite. Epic Games even brought out the balls and the lawn for the end of the season! You will be able to earn XP with the ball at your feet, but above all, it is better to know where to practice football!

Fortnite: How to level-up easily

Gaining account levels is important if you want to unlock the Chrome Pumpkin skin for free. That said, this challenge is not like the others and it is important to know some tips to validate it without problems.

Destroy haunted furniture

The Halloween festivities continue in Fortnite, with a battery of new challenges. Here you will have to destroy haunted furniture, which is only found in certain places. Find out where these unique objects are located here.

Destroy pumpkin lanterns with a ranged weapon

The Halloween festivities span several weeks of challenges. Here you will have to destroy pumpkin lanterns that decorate the haunted houses on the island. But beware: only a ranged weapon can do this job!

Hit an opponent while the Lupine Trail is active

The Fortnitemares 2022 challenges are here! Epic Games asks us here to exploit the brand new weapon of this edition of the Halloween event: the claws of Howler. We therefore explain where to find them via Alteration Altars, and how to complete this challenge.

Where is the Floating Wood located?

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 map is constantly evolving, thanks in particular to the giant balloons that roam some well-known Fortnite locations. one of the weekly quests, for example, will ask you to land at Driftwood.

Tuning the TV while wearing the Fusio outfit

Extremely rare thing on Fortnite; one of this season's challenges can only be completed by wearing a very specific skin. And this time it will be the Fusio outfit, which is at Tier 2 of your battle pass.

The locations of all NPCs for Chapter 3 Season 4

Neutral characters have existed in Fortnite for several years, and Epic Games does not seem ready to bury this useful feature for players. Whether to complete your collection of encounters or to acquire weapons and services, here is the complete map with all the NPCs.

Move a rolling boulder with a sliding kick

The sliding kick is a new feature in Chapter 3 Season 4. It completes sliding moves, and allows you to push back opposing players or certain objects, such as rolling rocks.

Find and dig up the Scientist's stolen notes

For this first week of season 4, the plot is centered on the mysterious notes of the Scientist. This member of the Seven seems to know something about the Herald and his chrome slowly engulfing the island.

Where can I find the new vault keys?

Strongboxes are making a comeback in Fortnite with Season 4! And this time there will be two types of vaults, which will require a different number of keys. You are told how to find the keys, and you are given the locations of the vaults.

Talking about the scientist's notes at Dark Heart

In this new season, chrome invades the island of Fortnite. One of your first missions will be to collect information on this mysterious liquid, and for this you will have to see the character of Black Heart, which is located in Lustrous Lagoon.

Evolve evochrome weapons by dealing damage

Chromium is seeping everywhere in the new season of Fortnite! And even in the arsenal of weapons, this liquid leaves fingerprints. For this challenge, you will have to naturally evolve Evochrome weapons. We take stock of this new feature of season 4.

Buy something from a care dispenser

In Fortnite, Vending Machines aren't new, but their locations change from season to season. In this new season 4, you will have to buy a healing item from one of them. Here you will find their locations for the Paradise season.

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