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Welcome to the Elden Ring portal. Here you can find all the information and guides for the new title by From Software developed in collaboration with Bandai Namco and George R. R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones. Tips, bosses, battles...

Elden Ring in less than 9 minutes? Easy.

Elden Ring exploits continue! Distortion2, an avid speedrunning streamer on FromSoftware's game, did the unthinkable by completing the game in under 9 minutes. A new record that redistributes the cards between the different speedrunners in the game.

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Elden Ring: Top 5 bosses that made us drool in the Game of the Year!

FromSoftware is an ode to tragedy, rage and despair not only in the art direction of its games, but especially in the creation of its monsters and bosses. In order to perpetuate these bad memories, find our top 5 of the most difficult bosses of Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring Altus plateau: how to reach this area?

You think you're done with the Caelid and Siofra in Elden Ring, so you want to head for the next area which is the Altus Plateau, but you can't get there? In this guide, we explain how to reach this area.

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