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Elden Ring Altus plateau: how to reach this area?

Elden Ring Altus plateau: how to reach this area?

You think you're done with the Caelid and Siofra in Elden Ring, so you want to head for the next area which is the Altus Plateau, but you can't get there? In this guide, we explain how to reach this area.

Do you want to reach the northern part of the Underworld of Elden Ring after crossing Necrolimbra, Liurnia, La Caelid and among others La Siofra? So now you have to set off for the Plateau d'Altus, but there is a problem: how do you get there?

In this guide dedicated to the Plateau d'Altus, we explain the different paths to reach the Capital area.

Take the Dectus Elevator

This method remains the simplest and in particular the most reliable to reach the Altus Plateau, insofar as it is the main path to reach this area.

You'll need to take the Dectus elevator to reach the second region of the game, but there's a catch: the elevator doesn't work. Indeed, you will need the Medallion of Dectus which is in two halves to activate it. Each part is in different regions of the Underworld and here are their locations for you.

Dectus Elevator Location - Elden Ring
Dectus Elevator Location

Fort Haight — Necrolimbo

The first part is therefore east of the Necrolimbo in Fort Haight. At the top of the Fort, you can find a chest that contains the Medallion of Dectus (left).

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Fort Faroth—Caelid

Within Fort Faroh, you will have to clean the first room which is infested with harpies. Once you have cleaned the room of harpies, you will be able to borrow a ladder which is at the back of the room and at the end of it, you will be able to find a chest which contains the Medallion of Dectus (right).

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Once the two parts of the Medallion of Dectus are in your possession, all you have to do is join the elevator, activate it, and then reach the Plateau d'Altus.

Go through the Cliff Ruins

If you like the challenge, this method can help you take the Dectus Elevator without having to visit the two forts mentioned just before. Go through the galleries at the bottom of the gorge to the west to enter the Cliff Ruins dungeon. It's a fairly complex dungeon, with a boss that will give you a hard time.

Elden Ring

Take a chest trapped in Necrolimbo

This method raises some questions about its usefulness, because you may find yourself blocked. Indeed, by climbing the Return Tower, you can find a trapped chest. He'll teleport you to the capital, but if you haven't set foot in that area yet, the doors might be closed and you'll be trapped in that mob-filled area.

Elden Ring

Follow Pat's directions

Pat will tell you that an Iron Maiden in the lowest level of the Raya Lucaria Academy can teleport you to the base of the World Tree if she catches you. However, the latter is not exempt from sincerity. Here is the truth for you behind Pat's lies:

  • The Iron Maiden is under the giant rotating elevator of the academy, you just have to stay on a plate when it arrives at the very bottom, in order to fall into the basin with the enemy concerned. You must be captured AND killed inside the Iron Maiden for the teleportation to activate. You will lose your Runes, so avoid going there with a large stock.
  • The destination is actually on the Altus Plateau, and it's a very popular shortcut among Speedrunners, but it's not at the foot of the world tree. Instead, it's in the lava-filled torture chamber of Volcano Manor, in an otherwise inaccessible area. You have to go through conduits filled with lava and enemies to escape, and face a double boss Iron Maidens.

So. This way you will be able to reach the Altus Plateau and in many ways!

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