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Elden Ring: After a GOTY, the track of a big DLC is confirmed?

Elden Ring: After a GOTY, the track of a big DLC is confirmed?

While Elden Ring has just won the prestigious title of Game of the Year at the Game Awards 2022, Hidetaka Miyazaki seems to have very big plans for his game. Would a big DLC be on the program from FromSoftware?

Since its release last February, FromSoftware's production has charmed gamers around the world, so much so that it has just been voted Game of the Year at the prestigious Game Awards 2022. A mythical title that once again imposes success of Elden Ring. Very optimistic for the future of his game, Hidetaka Miyazaki hinted that great things were to come... Could this be the big DLC that many are waiting for?

"Receiving this GOTY award really encourages us"

It was on the night of Thursday December 8 to Friday December 9 that the FromSoftware teams received this prestigious Game of the Year 2022 award. Facing industry giants such as the very recent God of War Ragnarök, Elden Ring has knew how to impose. In reaction to this consecration, the director of the production suggested that the players had not finished hearing about the Entre-terre because several things are still on the program.

"We had to deal with a lot of difficulties during the development of this game, so as a director, I'm really relieved. And maybe that's not the right thing to say, you know, on occasion of receiving the GOTY award, but I decided to make even more interesting games than this. As for Elden Ring, we still have a lot of things to do, so receiving this GOTY award really encourages us, really."
Hidetaka Miyazaki (Source)

This award is therefore a great encouragement for the FromSoftware teams because they now know that Elden Ring has succeeded in bringing together a real community of Sans-splinters who will be there for future new content.

DLC coming soon?

Recently, a new update (1.08) opened the mysterious Coliseums of Necrolimbo, Caelid and Leynde. Players can engage in different types of battles here, including one-on-one duels, one-on-one, six-player team battles, and even special battles with Spirit Ash Summons. activated. The game modes available are different for each Colosseum. For duels, you have to go to Leyndell, for group fights, it's to Necrolimbo, and to use summons, to Caelid. A mini-DLC or at least new content that had something to delight the community... while waiting for something more substantial.

All the same, the track of a “big” DLC is confirmed after the words of Hidetaka Miyazaki who announces “several” contents to come. While we don't yet have a release date or specific clue as to what these new items will be, speculation is rife among the community. Will we be entitled to an Elden Ring DLC with new creatures or even a new plot in 2023? As many say so well, hope gives life.

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