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Fortnite lupine track: hit an opponent for the Nightmares 2022 challenge

Fortnite lupine track: hit an opponent for the Nightmares 2022 challenge

The Fortnitemares 2022 challenges are here! Epic Games asks us here to exploit the brand new weapon of this edition of the Halloween event: the claws of Howler. We therefore explain where to find them via Alteration Altars, and how to complete this challenge.

Fortnite lupine track: hit an opponent for the Nightmares 2022 challenge

The latest Fortnite update kicked off the 2022 edition of Fortnitemares. These in-game festivities echo Halloween, and for us players, it's above all a way to try out new items and new challenges. For this week, the big novelty remains the legendary object of the Howler's Claws . This item will allow you, among other things, to track your prey by marking them. The object of the challenge will then be to shoot these marked prey.

Where to find Howler's Claws?

In order to make the Lupine track appear, you must first have Howler Claws. To do this, you must dance on alteration altars for 10 consecutive seconds.


At this location, you will find a glowing podium between three chrome hexagons . Dance on it for 10 seconds to receive a copy of the Howler's Claws.


How do I activate the Lupine Trail?

Wolf Trail actually refers to the wolf vision you gain by activating Howler's Claws . Indeed, when you activate these claws, you become a predator capable of tracking its prey.

  • For this challenge, the whole thing will therefore be to activate the Claws near an opposing player.
  • If he is affected by the Lupine Trail, you can then track him with a purple mark, which will indicate his location.
  • Touch the marked opponent with any firearm to validate the challenge!

    You will then pocket the comfortable sum of 15,000 experience points.

Nintendo ready to send its lawyers if you mess with its employees

Although Nintendo has a more than family-friendly image, the company does not mess with cases of harassment/insults towards its employees. So beware of those who want to attack the staff of Nintendo because the latter could well drag them to justice!

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