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Diablo 4: List of legendary objects, legendary items

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Diablo 4: List of legendary objects, legendary items
General Objects
  • Sorcerer
  • Barbarian
  • Druid

Thanks to the demo and the conferences, we know some legendary objects and a mythical object, from Diablo IV, discover them all here, with their legendary powers. This list will be expanded whenever possible.

Diablo 4: List of legendary objects, legendary items

At BlizzCon 2019, in addition to the announcement of Diablo 4, we were already able to discover some of the legendary objects designed by the development team. The following is for the moment only an extract of what will be available on Diablo 4's release, which is still far away.0

It is also to be expected that the powers of some of these objects will change, but this already provides a good indication of the direction Blizzard wants to take. In general, they are similar to those of Diablo 3, but the goal is for the legendary Diablo 4 to be better than the object sets. The fact that objects are able to offer talent points or even skill points (they will strengthen your active skills) will probably give them good ways to make them attractive without necessarily competing for numbers.

Diablo 4: General legendary objects

The Writhing band: Your attacks have X% to make a hydra appear that will assist you in the fight.

Note: The hydra is similar to the Sorcerer's spell of the same name, it is static and spits small balls of fire on enemies for a few seconds.

Diablo 4

Stone of Jordan (ring): +1 rank to all your equipped skills.

Note: Skills are the active techniques, which you can bring up to level with points and volumes. This makes them more powerful and sometimes requires extra effort.

Diablo 4

Esadora's overflowing cameo (amulet): Lightning traps appear around you regularly, inflicting X damage after 2 seconds to nearby enemies.

Note: The area of effect is relatively large (similar to that of an Oculus Ring for example), and there is a new trap every few seconds.

Diablo 4

Ring of frozen thought (ring): Your physical attacks freeze the enemy. Enemies who are sufficiently frosty become frozen.

Diablo 4
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