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Diablo IV Barbarian Guide: Talents, skills, techniques, and spells

The Barbarian class is back in Diablo IV! Here's all you need to know about how it works, Fury, the Arsenal system, the talent tree and the skills.

Diablo 4: Legendary objects of the Barbarian

Hellhammer (2-handed mace): Upheaval (Disruption?) ignites the ground and burns enemies for X damage over 3 seconds.

Note: Upheaval is quite similar to the Diablo 3 Barbaric Earthquake.

Diablo 4

The obsidian hearth (amulet) :

  • Weapon Control skills have an additional burden.
  • The Cut to the Bone talent is activated against enemies who are hit by your screams instead of dizziness.
  • The critical strike chance increases by 20% against bleeding enemies.
  • Your cries generate 2 Fury per second when they are active.

Note: It is a mythical object, not just legendary. It therefore has 4 powers.

Diablo 4
  • General Objects
  • Sorcerer
  • Barbarian
  • Druid
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