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Diablo 4 Sorceress Guide: talents, skills, techniques, spells

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Diablo 4 Sorceress Guide: talents, skills, techniques, spells
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If you feel like playing a spellcaster, the Sorceress is your choice in Diablo IV. Freeze your enemies with Blizzard, electrocute them with chains of lightning, or pulverize them with meteors. Here's the info on the mana, talent tree, and skills.

Diablo 4 Sorceress Guide: talents, skills, techniques, spells

We already know a lot about the first classes in Diablo 4 from everything that was shown at BlizzCon and from the demo. Here's everything we know on the Sorceress, the archetypal elemental spellcaster.

Please keep in mind that Diablo 4's release date is probably far away. Many features are missing or will change. We'll do our best to keep this article up to date with the latest information, but don't consider the following to be definitive.

Diablo 4: Sorceress Gameplay

The Sorceress, (or Sorcerer, remember that you can change the gender and appearance of the character) is somewhere between her iteration of Diablo 2 and that of Diablo 3.

She uses 3 elements, Lightning, Fire and Ice, but not Arcane. The majority of her spells are designed for long-range use, where the goal is to avoid enemies and their attacks rather than cashing in on them.

She can also use some spells designed for melee combat, if you prefer a different type of gameplay.

Resource: Its main resource is Mana, not Arcane Power, but it seems to work the same way. You don't have a huge supply of it, but it regenerates very quickly and automatically. Some basic skills also allow it to regenerate faster.

The objective will be to find the right combination of spells to survive and unleash the most powerful spells possible, while having the means to continue the fight until Mana has regenerated.

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Abilities: The character really embodies the archetype of the genre, which has been seen and re-visited many times, but which many love.

She can slow enemies or even freeze them completely with her Frost spells, Fire spells inflict damage over time in addition to direct damage, and Lightning spells have nice secondary features such as critical chance, auto aim or stun chance. It also has slightly more exotic spells such as transforming into an invincible ball of lightning for a few moments.

The Sorceress, however, is more fragile than the other classes, which means you have to be careful, especially with opponents who can easily ignore her controls and distance.

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