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Diablo 4 Sorceress Guide: talents, skills, techniques, spells
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Diablo 4: Sorceress Abilities

The onsite playable demo, streams and conferences allowed to discover the majority of the Sorceress' skills. As always, please keep in mind that all of this is likely to evolve between now and the release.

Skills are divided in a similar way to Diablo 3, i.e. by category, with a default location in the shortcuts, but it is possible to override this system and take several skills of the same type and/or assign them wherever you like.

Skill damage as well as some of the effects of the skills change with their level, unfortunately we don't have information on what they do at each level.

Diablo 4

Minor Destruction Spells (Left click)


  • Throws a lightning bolt that inflicts X - X and bounces off nearby enemies, inflicting X% less on each additional enemy hit.
  • Inflicts Lightning damage.

Fire Bolt

  • Launches a flaming projectile that explodes on contact, inflicting X - X and burning the hit enemies for X over X seconds.
  • Inflicts Fire damage.

Frost Bolt

  • Launches a frost projectile at an enemy, inflicting X - X and the frost. Frozen enemies have a reduced movement speed.
    Repeatedly icing an enemy freezes him.
  • Inflicts Ice damage.

Arc Lash

  • Unleash an electric arc that strikes enemies in front of you for X - X before returning to you, X mana restaurant.
  • Inflicts Lightning damage.
Diablo 4

Major Destruction Spells (Right Click)

Charged Bolts - Mana: 18

  • Releases X lightning bolts that advance unevenly across the ground, dealing X - X damage each.
  • Inflicts Lightning damage.

Fireball - Mana: 30

  • Launches a fireball that explodes on contact, dealing X - X damage to affected enemies.
  • Inflicts Fire damage.

Ice Shards - Mana: 18

  • Throws X splinters that deal X - X damage each. Inflicts X% more damage to frozen enemies.
  • Inflicts Ice damage.

Incinerate - Mana: 20 per second

  • Channels a torrent of flames, burning enemies for X. Damage increases at a rate of X per second, up to X.
  • Inflicts Fire damage.

Chain Lightning - Mana: 35

  • Unleashes a chain of lightning bolts, dealing X - X damage and jumping on X nearby targets.
  • Inflicts Lightning damage.

Frozen Orb - Mana: 40

  • Releases an Orb of Frost that throws piercing ice shards that deal X - X damage, then explodes releasing Frozen Bolts.
  • Inflicts Ice damage.

Defensive (1)

Flame Shield - Recharge time: 29 seconds

  • You engulf yourself in flames for X seconds, burning enemies close to X per second. When Flame Shied is active, you gain the immune effect.
  • Immune: You receive no damage and all negative effects are removed and blocked.
  • Inflicts Fire damage.

Ice Armor

  • Passive: If you don't sustain damage for X seconds, ice will accumulate on you, absorbing X amount of damage.

Blizzard - Mana: 40

  • Summon a blizzard that inflicts X - X per second and freezes the enemies in an area for X seconds.
  • Inflicts Ice damage.

Teleport - Recharge Time: 22 seconds

  • Turns you into a lightning bolt, then transports you to your target location.

Conjuring (2)

Frost Nova - Charging time: 24 seconds

  • Releases a nova of frost that freezes all nearby enemies for X seconds.
  • Inflicts Ice damage.

Lightning Spear - Cooldown: 20 seconds

  • Summon a lightning bolt that automatically searches for enemies for X seconds, inflicting X - X per hit.
  • Inflicts Lightning damage.

Ice Blades - Mana: 20

  • Summon ice blades for X seconds that quickly attack enemies for X - X and freeze them.
  • Inflicts Ice damage.

Hydra - Mana: 20

  • Summon a three-headed hydra for X seconds. Each head spits fire at a nearby enemy inflicting X - X.
  • Inflicts Fire damage.

Mastery (3)

Firewall - Mana : 40

  • Summon a wall of flames inflicting X damage to enemies over X seconds.
  • Inflicts Fire damage.


  • Passive: After spending X mana, you release a lightning nova that inflicts X - X.
  • Inflicts Lightning damage.

Meteor - Mana: 40

  • Summon a meteor that hits the target location after a few moments, inflicting X - X. The ground burns for X over X seconds.
  • Inflicts Fire damage.


  • Undisclosed.

Ultimate (4)

Deep Freeze - Recharge time: 60 seconds

  • Locks you in the ice, preventing you from acting and giving you the Immune effect for X seconds. For this duration, you release waves of ice that inflict X - X. They freeze enemies by X% longer than normal.
  • Inflicts Ice damage.

Inferno - Recharge Time: 30 seconds

  • Unleashes a devouring fire that crosses the area burning enemies by X over X seconds.
  • Inflicts Fire damage.

Conduit - Cooldown: 90 seconds

  • You become lightning incarnate for X seconds. In this form, you get the Immune effect and nearby enemies are continuously struck by X - X. You can also move very quickly from one point to another.
  • Inflicts Lightning damage.


  • Undisclosed.
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