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Blizzard releases 30th anniversary BlizzConline video

Blizzard releases 30th anniversary BlizzConline video

This month's BlizzCon marks 30 years of Blizzard Entertainment, and to celebrate the anniversary a touching new video emphasises the idea of 'home'.

Blizzard releases 30th anniversary BlizzConline video

"Welcome Home" sees the storied company explore just what 'home' means in the context of its games, opening with a line about it not necessarily being where we live.

It's a touching tribute to a developer that has given us many such worlds over the years, from Warcraft and StarCraft to Diablo and Overwatch. Check it out below:

With BlizzCon initially delayed from its usual November slot, Blizzard finally announced dates for an online-only edition. Taking place February 19-20, 2021, we're not sure just what this version will entail.

However, Blizzard have promised a Community Showcase to give artists, cosplayers and content creators their time in the spotlight — something that makes up a big part of BlizzCon when held in Anaheim.

We can also expect the usual flurry of announcements surrounding the company's IP, with more information on Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV expected.

Unlike previous editions, where access to the digital streams has been behind a paywall, BlizzConline 2021 will be entirely free to fans.

BlizzConline 2021: Details & Schedule

This year BlizzCon will be held exclusively online, and can be attended free of charge. Blizzard revealed the official visual and new information about the event.


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