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Minecraft: players reproduce one of the best amusement parks in France!

Minecraft: players reproduce one of the best amusement parks in France!

If there is a game in which everything is possible, it is the cubic title of Mojang Studios, we are obviously talking about Minecraft. In addition to the "normal" mode, you have the possibility of leaving in creative mode, and players wanted to pay tribute to the most famous Gauls in the world.

We can't say it enough, but Minecraft is definitely the game in which absolutely anything is possible. Do you want to play normally and simply survive and loot, craft your equipment? It's possible ! Do you prefer to create real masterpieces? Well it's possible too and our players have talent! After Harry Potter's Hogwarts School, or after Disneyland Paris, this time it's another amusement park that has come to life in the cubic title, we are obviously talking about Parc Asterix.

Players reproduce Parc Asterix in Minecraft

A true heritage of our country, Parc Astérix is known for offering sensational attractions such as Tonnerre de Zeus and Goudurix, but also for highlighting the most famous Gauls in the world with Asterix and Obélix. And when you pass not far from the park, it is difficult not to see the enormous Asterix which is sitting on a rock...

To pay tribute to the latter, a team of developers called AsterixCraft has been working since 2014 on the design of a Minecraft server reproducing Parc Astérix as faithfully as possible. If at the time of writing the latter is still not completed, several novelties will be added through the latter with a new concept, new shows and a new park.

According to the teaser video, version 1.16.4 of the server will totally change the game of the latter with " major changes to the server " to ensure " a stable state of the final start of the future project before the new season " . But then, what is this next season hiding? Well as we can see, fear will be there with "Peur sur le Parc", one of the events that takes place for a few days within the park itself. As a result, this new version promises players a whole new atmosphere. We can't wait to test!

The Inoxtag server is open!

As a reminder, in addition to the thousands of servers that exist, know that the Inoxtag server is finally available and open and is therefore called OneCube. Through the latter, several activities are available and it runs under version 1.8 of the game in order to offer a better experience.

If you wish, you can buy a subscription to become a VIP and thus have access to certain privileges. For this, you will have to pay 500 gems, or 4.99 euros.

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