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Minecraft: Update 1.20 introduces a never-before-seen mechanic to the game's story!

Minecraft: Update 1.20 introduces a never-before-seen mechanic to the game's story!

It is there, the Snapshot 22w42a of version 1.20 of Minecraft allowing the introduction of several new features with mainly the appearance of dromedaries, but also changes of libraries for enchantments! We take stock with you.

It was during Minecraft Live on October 15 that we were able to discover all the new features prepared by Mojang Studios and planned for the Minecraft cubic title. If the developers have not announced a big update, they have nevertheless lifted the veil on several small things that should make life better in our favorite game and which, over the weeks and additions, will make this next major update which does not yet have a name.

Good news for us, the first Snapshot of Minecraft version 1.20 has been available for a few hours , and allows us to have a first look at the new content. On the program, the dromedary which is a new mount and which allows two players to travel on it, changes with regard to the libraries for our enchantments, but also the arrival of new blocks through the bamboo, as well as hanging panels .

Minecraft Version 1.20 Snapshot 22w42a Patch Note

New Features in 22w42a

  • Some experimental features are now available through built-in experimental datapacks.
  • Packages are now available as an experimental feature
  • Added a new accessibility option "Panorama Scroll Speed".

Experimental functions

  • Some experimental features now need to be enabled to appear in worlds.
  • These features are enabled by adding an embedded datapack when creating a world.
  • Feature selection buttons are intended to hide experimental or unfinished features, to ensure that your existing worlds are not affected.
  • Worlds that use experimental features will be marked as "Experimental" in the world selection list.
  • Experimental features cannot be enabled for existing worlds.

Addition camel

Camels are now available when the experimental features of Update 1.20 are enabled.

  • Camels can be saddled and ridden by two players.
  • Camels spawn naturally in desert villages.
  • Camels are big.
    - Most hostile monsters will not be able to reach you when you are on a camel.
    - They can cross fences without any problem.
  • Camels are very graceful, but grumpy animals.
    - They sit randomly.
    - When they are seated, it is difficult to convince them to move.
  • Camels can either walk slowly or sprint quickly.
  • They can also dash forward, but lose stamina for a time.

bamboo wood game

A new bamboo wood block set is now available when the experimental features of Update 1.20 are enabled.

  • New wooden blocks
    - Bamboo boards
    - Bamboo door
    - Bamboo hatch
    - Bamboo sign
    - Bamboo staircase
    - Bamboo slab
    - Bamboo fence
    - Bamboo fence gate
    - Bamboo button
    - Bamboo pressure plate
  • Bamboo boards can be crafted with 2x2 bamboo items.
  • Added a new "Mosaic" plank variant unique to bamboo, called Bamboo Mosaic.
    - It can be made with 1x2 bamboo slabs in a vertical strip.
  • You can make variants of mosaic bamboo stairs and slabs.
  • Added a unique Bamboo Raft and a Bamboo Chest Raft that can be crafted like normal boats, but with Bamboo Planks.
    - They work the same as regular boats, but have a unique look.

Chiseled bookcase

A new snipped variant of the library is now available when the experimental features of Update 1.20 are enabled.

  • Made with 6 planks and 3 wooden slabs.
  • Can hold books, books and quills, written books and enchanted books.
    - Holds up to 6 lbs.
    - Keeps the stories and secrets of your world safe.
  • Comparators can detect the last book placed/removed.
    - Perfect for hiding secrets in your spooky library.

Hanging panels

Have you always wanted to hang your signs? Go grab some chains, strip some logs, and now you can! Hanging signs are now available when the experimental features of Update 1.20 are enabled.

  • Hanging signs are a more expensive version of normal signs.
    - Crafted with 2 chains and 6 stripped logs of your favorite type of wood.
    - The manufacture gives 6 hanging panels.
  • They can be hung as follows:
    - Under a block that can provide support in the center, such as a full block or a fence.
    - Attached to the solid side of a block
    - Attached to the side or under another hanging panel.
  • Unlike normal signs, they cannot be placed directly on the ground without being supported from the side or top.
    - However, hanging signs with a horizontal bar will not jump when the support block is removed.

Changes in 22w42a

  • Revamped Creative Inventory Tabs
  • Changes in chat
  • The Realms News button now displays a confirmation screen before opening the link.
  • Changed fortress placement code to be more efficient, resulting in fortress positions moving.
    - They are always placed in concentric rings, but their position in the rings can change by a few degrees.

Technical changes in 22w42a

  • Added Feature Flags - global options to enable or disable certain experimental or unfinished features (like blocks, entities, and items).
  • Network protocol changes
  • Instances of recipe types that have recipe books now have a field category to determine placement.
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