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Elden Ring: A modified boss cutscene got the fans hyped

Elden Ring: A modified boss cutscene got the fans hyped

After the last updates of Elden Ring, various changes are now quite visible from the original game and a cutscene change of one of the major bosses of the game that aroused the curiosity of players. Why did FromSoftware change it?

Although it has been out for a few months already, Elden Ring continues to develop, in particular through patches that bring key changes to the game. The announcement of a DLC by FromSoftware being long awaited by the community, it is necessary to focus on these changes as a result of the various patches.

A few days ago, patch 1.05 fixed various bugs in the game, but it's the previous one that interests us, patch 1.04 . It is undoubtedly the one that brought the biggest changes to FromSoftware's latest game. With an increase in the difficulty of certain bosses, a decrease in the effectiveness of spells, this patch had further optimized the adventures of the Shardless all over the world. However, a change made by this patch seems to arouse the curiosity of players, as it was unexpected.

Morgott loses his flame

This is indeed what a player named Razhork (on Reddit) noticed. Prior to patch 1.04, at the start of his first phase, Morgott's sword would ignite, to reveal the cursed sword. Now the rock around the sword only cracks. The user behind the discovery even unveiled a comparison of Morgott's kinematics between the two patches.

A minimal cinematic change, undoubtedly justified according to the developers, which however started real debates on the networks. Because, the fiery animation was not so decadent, given that during the fight against Morgott, the ground turns, in some places, into geysers of lava . But according to some, the FromSoftware teams would have had good reason to remove these flames from the cutscene in question.

Why did FromSoftware teams remove the flames from Morgott's sword?

It's a question that's been on the minds of many Elden Ring players. Of all the theories that some Reddit users have come up with, two seem pretty consistent.

First, it could be that the company wanted to add some consistency to the fight against Morgott. The confrontation against the latter takes place in two distinct phases. During the first, the boss does not call for fire, and no flame is visible anywhere. However, in previous patches, the sword caught fire before the first phase. So Morgott would use his powers to set the sword on fire, only to not use them afterwards, it didn't make much sense.

The second potential reason would be related to the lore of the game. According to user Datssyck, "fire is heresy. It is forbidden within the Golden Order (...) As a descendant of this order , he would never sport it. Besides, Morgott is the son of Marika whose litter (and herself) are trees at the base. It is for this reason that transplants are possible and they are against fire". Logically, Morgott therefore does not have the right to use fire , although the element is omnipresent during the second phase of the fight against the last of the kings. The mystery therefore remains, and perhaps as updates progress, it will be possible to observe many other changes in the cutscenes of the bosses of the Underworld!

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