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Apex Legends Mobile reveals its worldwide release date!

Apex Legends Mobile is a game awaited by fans of the license, but until today there has been no worldwide release date. Only certain countries have been able to see the title of Respawn landed on smartphones. However, it could be released very soon and that, sooner than expected.

Warzone: Operation Monarch, is that it?

The Operation Monarch event made it to Warzone yesterday and while it featured Godzilla and King Kong, players are still hungry for more.

Elden Ring: Everyone gets involved, even Elon Musk!

It seems that Elden Ring fever has touched more than one celebrity. Indeed, the future owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, has confessed to being a big fan of FromSoftware's latest game. He even revealed his combat techniques to be able to survive in the Underworld!

GTA 6: New leaks on the city and the time cause trouble

But what is happening around GTA 6? If Rockstar Games has not communicated any information, influencers and other leakers take pleasure in peddling a little anything and everything. The latest rumor would concern the city of the game... Beware of intox!

China takes new restrictive measures for underage gamers

For once, China is taking new measures concerning its young players but also on the interaction of the latter with their favorite streamers. The goal here is to protect more than ever those under 16, both morally and financially.

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