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Lost Ark: Is the DPS meter officially banned? What risks are involved?

Lost Ark: Is the DPS meter officially banned? What risks are involved?

For some time now, DPS meter type software has been claimed and debated in Lost Ark. While some support the idea and downplay the risks of using them, others fiercely oppose it. But what do Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG officially say about it?

Since the deployment of Lost Ark in the West, and even significantly before, players have been asking for the possibility of having or at least exploiting what are commonly called "DPS meters". Recently, the subject has come to the fore again. Some affirm that there is no risk in exploiting them, others rise against their use... But what is really at the bottom? What is the position of Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG on this subject, and above all what do you risk if you use one of these software?

What is a DPS meter?

DPS meters are, generally, very well-known and widely used software in Western MMORPGs. Among the most famous are of course Details , Skada or even Recount for World of Warcraft in particular, but there are at least as many as there are MMORPGs!

Most of these are third-party software. That is, they weren't created by the developers and publishers of the original game, they are what are sometimes called "addons". They must therefore be downloaded from more or less reliable third-party sources.

The DPS meters are used, to put it very simply, to analyze the actions that you make your character perform during the fights, but also those of the members of your group.
You can find out precisely which techniques inflict the most damage, the activity time of your personal bonuses, and of course the total damage inflicted on a given creature. They are in fact tools whose main objective is to help you improve and understand how to play your character better, on the sole condition that you know how to use them!

Example of two DPS meters in WoW - Lost Ark
Example of two DPS meters in WoW

Status of DPS meters in Lost Ark

Well... Now that the introductions are done, let's be clear from the start: DPS meters are simply forbidden and subject to banishment in Lost Ark. Smilegate RPG is formally against their official integration into the game, and Amazon Games does not seem to deviate from the rule imposed by the Korean developers for the moment.

But that's the theory. In practice, a more or less important part of the players already exploits third-party DPS meters in order to analyze their capacities (and especially to boast of being stronger than the other players of the group, let it be said). Based on this premise, it is difficult for Amazon like Smilegate to consider banishing a potentially large part of their gaming community for “so little”. We can therefore assume that their existence and their exploitation is tolerated as long as it does not become an element used to denigrate the players who perform the least.

Lost Ark

That said, and it is important to understand this, it is currently impossible to clearly decide on the existence or not of bans for using a DPS meter. To our knowledge, no one has ever been officially banned for this reason, but that does not mean that it will not work against you as soon as you play a little too close to the red line!

Recently, Roxx, Community Manager of Amazon Games, clearly stated this as a warning to gamers who attempt to use such software: the exploitation of any third-party application modifying the game or interacting with it in a way that offers players information they shouldn't normally have access to is not allowed in Lost Ark:

In terms of our rules, any app that modifies the game and/or interacts with it in a way that provides information that is otherwise not available to players is not approved

You now know what to expect if you decide to download a DPS meter. Of course, we don't offer you a download link for any of them, they are accessible in a few clicks on the internet anyway, but don't forget that you risk losing your account at any time without warning. say players in favor of using them since you are deliberately breaking the rules imposed by the developers. At your peril !

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