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Lost Ark: Free Loot is now available with Prime Gaming!

Lost Ark: Free Loot is now available with Prime Gaming!

From May 3 to 31, 2022, Prime Gaming subscribers have the opportunity to obtain a new dedicated Lost Ark Bundle named "Relic Affinity Pack" including multiple rewards for Smilegate RPG's MMOARPG at no additional cost.

With the end of the previous Bundle, Amazon Games is offering Lost Ark players a new pack for Prime Gaming subscribers! From May 3 to 31, 2022, Prime Gaming subscribers have the opportunity to obtain a brand new Bundle dedicated to Lost Ark, Smilegate RPG's MMOARPG published by Amazon Games, all at no additional cost.

May 2022 Prime Gaming content for Lost Ark

By linking your Prime Gaming account to your Steam account, you have the possibility of obtaining a pack for free, finally if one can say since it still implies a subscription to Prime Gaming, let's say "at no additional cost". This pack contains the following items for Lost Ark:

  • 5 days of Crystalline Aura
  • 1 Pack of Amethyst Shards containing 500 Amethyst Shards
  • 1 Relic Affinity Chest

May 2022 Prime Gaming Content Details

crystal aura

  • Triport Fee Waiver (Reduces your travel costs, thanks to free triport rides)
  • 50% discount on the ship (Travel the seas easily thanks to half-price tickets)
  • Daily NPC Affinity Interaction +1 (Increases the number of times you can increase your affinity with an NPC each day)
  • Life Energy Recovery +10% (Fast recovery of life energy used for skills like hunting, slaying and digging)
  • Bifrïröst +2 slot (Two additional Bifröst slots that will help you quickly return to places you have visited)
  • Return Chant cooldown -50% (Make trips home more often by halving the Return Chant cooldown)
  • Fortress research time -10% (Reduces the research time of your island fortress projects)
  • Fortress crafting time -10% (Reduces the crafting time of your island fortress projects)
  • Fortress expedition time -10% (Reduces expedition time when sending followers outside your fortress)
  • Fortress Action Energy Recovery Speed -10% (Renewes your energy to complete projects on your island fortress faster)
  • Free Ultimate Fortress Anti-Stress (Installs a special scarecrow in your fortress to increase your leveling speed)
  • Crystal Benefactor Title (Enjoy the Crystal Aura exclusive character title, Crystal Benefactor)

    Amethyst Shards

    Amethyst Shards can be exchanged in-game for certain items not otherwise obtainable. Here is the complete list of rewards associated with this currency, as well as their price:



Crystalline Aura (14 days)


Chest of Pheons


Navigation Glyph:

Golden Lion Vigor


Mount: Wolf

golden combat


Emoticon Pack

Nineveh and Yom


Chest of Battle Items (3)


Affinity Supply Chest


Appearance Selection Chest

Ship's Notos Orka


Mask Selection Chest

in Archésia paper


Chest Selection

familiar sebastian


Familiar number:

Play dead


Familiar number:



Familiar number:



Emote: Star Dance


Relic Affinity Chest

A chest allowing you to choose an item that increases your Affinity with any eligible NPC in the game from a selection of ten different items:

  • bottomless bottle
  • crystal necklace
  • Linderte Cup
  • Encavian Crown
  • Medrinic centenary vintage
  • Holy water from Gustaven
  • Holy water from the lazeniths
  • Millennial Lotus Essence
  • Heart-shaped bluish fruit
  • blue gem
  • Liquor of Arrogance
  • Oath Mask
  • No. 289 of the Same Day
  • Stone of Gienah
  • living stone
  • haal coins
  • Lunar Knights Symbol
  • Honey toast
  • Scale of Albion

Link your Twitch, Prime Gaming and Steam accounts

As a reminder, to access these exclusive loot, you must link your Prime Gaming account to your Steam account, then to your Twitch account. To do this :

  1. Go to the page dedicated to the association of accounts
  2. Click " Login " on the first line to log into your Amazon account
  3. Click " Account Association " on the second line to associate your Steam account with your Amazon account
  4. Click " Link Steam Account " then confirm your Steam account by logging into it
  5. Click " Done "
  6. Click " Request Loot " then Collect Loot to directly get your Prime Gaming loot in Lost Ark

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