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Monster Hunter Rise

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Monster Hunter Rise is an action role-playing game from CAPCOM, released exclusively on Nintendo Switch. The long-running series' latest main title, Monster Hunter Rise sees players planning and preparing for battle against giant creatures.

Monster Hunter Rise: 3.0 Extra Tracks Are Available

If you liked the Monster Hunter Rise Original Soundtrack, you definitely don't want to miss out on this new release. With Patch 3.0 new tracks are now available and here's where you can get them.

Behind The Scenes of Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom released a video that reveals how the Monster Hunter Rise OSTs were made. They include vocals, traditional Japanese instruments, as well as some pretty epic orchestral sounds at times.

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Monster Hunter Rise: The Snow-Faced Fox

In Monster Hunter Rise, the Snow-Faced Fox is one of the five rarest animals found in endemic life. With its graceful form and playful temperament, players will never cease to admire it.

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  • Monster Hunter Rise – Switch Review

Monster Hunter Rise – Switch Review

After rebooting the series with Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter makes its return with a new Switch title bursting with innovation set within a world that wears its Japanese influences heavily on its sleeve. But will Rise live up to its immense potential, or will it fall short?


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