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MH Rise Sunbreak Master Rank Armors Preview

MH Rise Sunbreak Master Rank Armors Preview

Capcom introduced different armor sets based on the new Monster Hunter expansion monsters, as well as G-Rank versions for those of the base game monsters. They have a different appearance, which unlocks new special armor skins.

MH Rise Sunbreak Master Rank Armors Preview

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion is coming in less than 3 months, as it is scheduled for June 30, 2022 on PC and Switch. In order to help us wait, Capcom has started revealing the appearance of many armor sets that will be available to wear in the near future.

Master Rank Armor Sets

If you haven't played previous Monster Hunter games, you may not be familiar with the concept. Each monster has a distinct set of armor appearances for both Novice and Expert rank quests. When the expansion arrives, it introduces a new higher difficulty mode, Master rank, which gives a good excuse to face all the "old" monsters of the base game, which have become more formidable, again. They have more life, they hurt more, and they even gain new attacks. And more important than all that, they give new materials that can be used to forge master rank weapons and armor. Master rank armors of course have better stats than those of lower ranks, with more defense, talents, gem slots and more. At the moment, these new stats are unknown, but we already get a first look at how they will look. It is confirmed that these armors are entitled to a brand new skin. And if you don't like the new look of these armors, especially the female helmets which often don't have a mask, you can always use the forge and special armors in order to use the Somnacanth helmet visual, for example .

You can consider that there is a new armor skin for each of the monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, although it will probably be necessary to advance far in Sunbreak, see in its post-game content before being entitled to a new version of the Scarlet Valstrax set.

Armor of new monsters

According to estimates, there should be 20 to 30 new monsters in Sunbreak. They will not be entitled to Novice or Expert rank armor, since they will make their first appearance at Master rank. We don't know what their talents will be, but we can rely on armor from previous games, or monster abilities in order to try to guess. This will be updated in the future.

Armor of the Ceanataur Shogun

In previous games, this giant crab's armor often granted talents related to the edge of the weapon, such as Craftsmanship (maximum edge bonus), and possibly Coated or Quick Hone. Considering the beast's appearance, abilities, and talents, this might be a desirable set for longsword users.

Orange Bishaten Armor

The basic Bishaten armor gave talents related to objects, and resistance to stuns mainly. That of this variant may give some to improve the damage of barrels and explosive objects, in order to stick to the theme of the monster.

Lunagaron Armor

There's a good chance this set will boost ice damage. We may well be entitled to talents related to the morphosis of weapons (Morpho-axe, Volto-axe), since this monster also changes combat mode and posture.

Garangolm Armor

Garangolm is a bit reminiscent of Tretranadon in some ways. He should nevertheless fight in a radically different way. Since he uses two distinct elements, fire and water, perhaps the devs will give him desirable talents for Dual Blades users, since they can technically have multiple elements.

Special armors

Unfortunately, we cannot escape paid cosmetics in one form or another with Monster Hunter, this is how Capcom makes the game more profitable, including its "game service" aspect. You can find more details in our game editions guide.

Buying the Malzeno Amiibo, or the Collector on Switch, unlocks special armor for your hunter. If you feel like pretending to be a vampiric Count, that's absolutely perfect.

More accessible and above all, available on PC too, the Deluxe Pack includes special armor that is reminiscent of a Guild Knight, or a Bloodborne Hunter.

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