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Steve the Seregios back in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Steve the Seregios back in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The iconic monster from MH 4 Ultimate is finally returning to the mainline games. And that's not all, discover the new announcements made by Capcom during the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Digital Event in May 2022. On the program, new attacks, features, quests and monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise's Sunbreak expansion is out in less than two months, still on June 30, 2022 on PC and Switch, it will introduce varied content. During the new online event that took place today, a taste of different notable elements was offered with a trailer.

The mysteries of Malzeno

The bulk of the content was dedicated to the star of the expansion, the Malzeno. As everyone had guessed, he is well inspired by Western vampires, and he has attacks and abilities appropriate for this creature. The developers' goal is to come up with a dark, elegant, even noble, but also cunning and cruel monster. His fighting style epitomizes this, as he lures his prey in with small, bat-like creatures, before swooping down on them and hanging them by their throats to siphon their life energy with his fangs. He also uses his powerful claw-tail, wings, and breath weapon in combat.

A special feature of the Malzeno is that it applies the Bloodblight affliction to hunters, it will then siphon their life over time. Its operation is different from hemorrhage.

If Malzeno siphons off enough energy from hunters, he will evolve into an even more fearsome superior form. It hasn't been said clearly, but letting the Malzeno evolve can be more than just an additional challenge. Maybe some loot is up for grabs, like special components, or a better chance of getting his gem.

The Malzeno obviously has its own musical theme, named Scarlet Fest Malzeno, which will perhaps bring back some memories to Castlevania fans with its inspirations.

Monster Hunter Rise

The Seregios in Sunbreak

The big news for this event is the return of the Seregios, a very popular monster that was requested by players in Monster Hunter World, Iceborne and Rise. Similar to an eagle, this scaly wyvern uses its powerful talons to shred its targets, while flying low. It also uses its beak, its tail, and especially its sharp scales which can be projected in all directions. In addition to dealing damage, the scales of the Seregios trigger bleeding, loss of life whenever you move.

One of the main reasons players want to see the Seregios return is to kill and skin it to forge its gear, of course. Historically, Seregios weapons have been great, especially the greatswords, with high raw damage, absolutely fantastic sharpness, and best of all automatic weapon sharpening every few rolls done with the weapon drawn.

Monster Hunter Rise

New monster variants

Two MHR monsters are entitled to a new version that looks much more formidable. The first is the Aurora Somnacanth. Instead of a nearly harmless soporific blast, she will also deal ice damage with all of her attacks.

The second variant is the Almudron magma, which resides in lava caverns. As the name suggests, it replaces mud with molten lava, which immediately looks much more intimidating. In addition to drowning you in lava, he will also overheat and use far more fearsome and frenzied attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise


The principle is not to accumulate bonus levels as in Diablo, but to complete quests in the company of the various characters of Monster Hunter Rise, whether they are from the village of Kamura, like Hinoa and Minoto, or the new kingdom, like Admiral Galleus. These companions will accompany you and fight alongside you. They each wield a specific weapon, make use of consumables and traps, and they can even ride monsters. By progressing in the game and making use of the feature, it is possible to unlock new characters that can accompany you.

New exclusive rewards are tied to this feature. However, you will need to play solo to use the Paragons . This might upset those who only play multiplayer, but those who prefer single-player play might be happy to have the company of an AI with personality.

Monster Hunter Rise

New actions and features

In addition to Master Rank difficulty and new attacks for all existing monsters, Sunbreak will also expand hunter abilities.

For starters, new thread abilities and new alternate talents are planned for all 14 weapons in the game. This will offer new ways to fight, and it will give good reasons to use the feature that follows. Introductory videos for the new weapon attacks are coming from May 16.

It will now be possible to change the range of special talents on the fly in combat. You will be able to save 2 different lists of abilities for your hunter, with different move combos. During a fight, you will be able to do a dodge which changes the movement set, in order to adapt to the situation and to offer more freedom to the hunter.

Other options have been added to the game menus, for example the ability to climb directly on a vertical wall without using the filopter first. Or, when a monster is exposed and can be ridden, you can finally choose to continue attacking it without riding on it.

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  • Sunbreak pre-orders are now open, with a cosmetic bonus for the pilhairs to unlock.
  • A new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Sunbreak has also just been released, with patterns like Malzeno.
  • Players who own Monster Hunter Stories 2 saves on the same platform as Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be eligible for a new bonus cosmetic, a Navirou outfit for their Palico. At least you'll have an excuse to let him get killed by the monsters.
  • And finally, the developers have confirmed that free content updates are once again planned after the release of the extension, without further details.
China takes new restrictive measures for underage gamers

For once, China is taking new measures concerning its young players but also on the interaction of the latter with their favorite streamers. The goal here is to protect more than ever those under 16, both morally and financially.

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