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Monster Hunter Rise: Beast of the Shadows Event Quest

Monster Hunter Rise: Beast of the Shadows Event Quest

Defeat a Nargacuga in the new Monster Hunter Rise event quest, and obtain the Ninja Sticker Set.

Monster Hunter Rise: Beast of the Shadows Event Quest

A new event quest was added to Monster Hunter Rise on May 7. This Rank 7 quest, "Beast of the Shadows", consists of hunting a Nargacuga to obtain a Ninja Sticker Set.

Monster Hunter Rise: Beast of the Shadows Event Quest - Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise: Beast of the Shadows Event Quest

To get the quest, you need to talk to Senri the Mailman, by selecting Add-on Content. Make sure you have installed the 2.0 update before trying to download it.

The quest takes place in the Shrine Ruins and will take about 50 minutes. It will require you to hunt Nargacuga.

  • The Nargacuga is a difficult opponent. He is both aggressive, quick, and agile. You'll have to circle him and be ready to roll or dive to avoid his forward jumps.
  • When attacking him, you should keep in mind that he can leap back and counterattack with his huge tail, like a gigantic club with a huge reach. This is his most formidable attack, and you'll have to be ready to dodge and then attack him before he retracts it.
  • He can also sweep with it or spin it, or simply claw it. Even from a distance, he can rattle the scales on his tail like a snake before hurling a volley of piercing scales.
  • With enough slashing damage, his tail can be cut off, which will make it much less dangerous.
  • If your priority is to inflict damage, aim for the head, it is clearly his weak point, as in almost all cases.

Flying wyverns have evolved to live in thickly wooded areas. Covered in jet black fur, these cunning predators stalk their prey from the shadows and attack with ferocious speed. Their massive tails are as dexterous as they are deadly and powerful enough to slay smaller monsters with one strike.


By completing this quest for the first time, you will obtain the Cohoot Sticker Set. Also, the reward money is 12240 oz.

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