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Warzone: Operation Monarch, is that it?

Warzone: Operation Monarch, is that it?

The Operation Monarch event made it to Warzone yesterday and while it featured Godzilla and King Kong, players are still hungry for more.

Warzone: Operation Monarch, is that it?

If it had been several weeks since rumors announced the arrival of the two cinema behemoths in Call of Duty: Warzone, Activision and Raven Software formalized this rather special crossover not so long ago.

Announced as the event not to be missed in this season 3 , Operation Monarch still leaves a bitter aftertaste for players.

Operation Monarch, a trailer much higher than reality?

Since May 11, the city of Caldera has welcomed two distinguished guests since they are none other than King Kong and Godzilla . Although we would have thought that this event was going to be incredible and eye-opening, the bellows unfortunately fell very quickly.

However, the trailers presented by Activision and Raven Software were more than promising, featuring the two creatures engaging in a merciless fight. So, following these, it is naturally that the players thought they were witnessing this battle of titans once they arrived in the city of Caldera, but the truth turned out to be quite different.

Once in-game, we are already dealing with the resurgence and not the real Battle Royale, and apart from the presence of King Kong and Godzilla which are all the same quite impressive it must be admitted, there there is not really anything new, nor an epic fight between the two creatures. The goal is in fact to simply inflict damage on them in order to unlock equipment , including the ultimate killstreak SCREAM which will allow players to launch either the attack of Godzilla or that of King Kong. Besides, from time to time, the two beasts make targeted attacks, and players just have to flee as quickly as possible if they don't want to suffer Godzilla's laser, or King Kong's blow.

In other words, and to the total disappointment, therefore, there is no possibility, as we imagined, of "taking control" of one of the two creatures, nor is there no more epic combat between the two monsters , nor real interactions between players and monsters.

A multi-part event?

With the disappointment that is felt by most players, many of us are wondering if Operation Monarch will change , or if, unfortunately, it will stay that way. Indeed, we would not be against a so-called evolutionary event, with several stages in this non-battle between Godzilla and King Kong.

However, the developers have never spoken of such a course for the coming days, and it seems that the event remains as it is until the end.

To console you, we remind you all the same that there are some exclusive rewards to unlock, including the ultimate reward which is a legendary weapon blueprint of the Bravo Tactical Rifle "Old Rivalry".

Finally, Operation Monarch will end on May 25 , but if you absolutely don't want to play it, there are currently modes in the playlist: Quartet Looting, Battle Royale, as well as Rebirth - Resurgence.

Bravo Tactical Rifle - Ancient Rivalry - Call of Duty: Warzone
Bravo Tactical Rifle - Ancient Rivalry
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