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GTA 6: New leaks on the city and the time cause trouble

GTA 6: New leaks on the city and the time cause trouble

But what is happening around GTA 6? If Rockstar Games has not communicated any information, influencers and other leakers take pleasure in peddling a little anything and everything. The latest rumor would concern the city of the game... Beware of intox!

If you follow the news closely, you know that it's been years now that just about every possible information has turned regarding the non-news of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Although Rockstar Games has finally formalized its development, we are still waiting for the smallest details about it, and that was without counting on the leakers who are causing trouble within the GTA community .

Lately, it seems that new information about the city and the time of the title of the starry firm are talking about them. Should we believe it?

GTA 6, one city, two eras?

A few days ago, rumors announced the presence of several cities for the long-awaited title from Rockstar Games . But this time, it seems that the deal has changed since there would be only one and the same city, but at two different times .

In any case, this was suggested by two influencers on the social network Twitter . If one of them said that a first trailer was approaching, the second announced that GTA 6 would therefore take place in one and the same city but at two different periods.

It's not the first time that the aspect of two different eras has been mentioned in regards to the plot of the game, but in this specific case, this information comes from influencer musicians and not from real insiders of the medium that we know already. We must therefore take their statements with the utmost caution.

GTA 6, what is it really?

With all the rumors, information, that appear on the web, it is difficult to know what is true or false . We can never say whether or not what we read on the various social networks is true.

Nevertheless, if we were to do a quick update on what we are supposed to know, GTA 6 should therefore find its plot through a broken family , and more precisely through two characters: a brother and a sister . The latter would have lost contact shortly after the assassination of their parents, and we would have for the first time in the history of GTA a playable female character.

Regarding the setting, several cities have been mentioned , and GTA 6 should thus juggle several of them. Among the names we should have Carcer City, Vice City, but also the city of Chicago .

Finally, regarding a probable release date, it is unfortunately still much too early to say anything, but according to some information, players could see the title during the year 2023.

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