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Nintendo Direct Indie: The 3 game announcements you can't miss

Nintendo Direct Indie: The 3 game announcements you can't miss

Still no Silksong unfortunately but some cool indie games that probably deserve your attention.

Nintendo Direct Indie: The 3 game announcements you can't miss

For about twenty minutes, Nintendo introduced us to the next independent titles coming to its Switch console. Although the long-awaited Silksong is still not in the game, a few nuggets still deserve your attention. We will also note the porting to the Ooblets and TABS platform (at your own risk and peril, we hope that the optimization of the title will not burn the console).


Soundfall is a dungeon crawler that combines looter-shooter action with rhythm-based gameplay. Adventure solo or with up to 4 friends locally or online. The more you synchronize your actions with the rhythm of the soundtrack, the more powerful you become! Unlock powerful new abilities and explore Symphonia to discover amazing music-based weapons! Customize your loadout with over 500 pieces of gear to choose from. You can even import your favorite music to create new levels.

And that's good, Soundfall is available now on the Nintendo eShop!


Face the fury of the elements in Wildfrost, a rogue-like tactical deckbuilding game ! Explore the frozen tundra collecting cards powerful enough to banish eternal winter. Wildfrost will also be available this winter 2022 on Nintendo Switch. You can compose the deck that suits you, recruit companions cuter than each other and equip them with elemental items and powerful charms that will help you in your fight against the frost. It will then be necessary to develop the town of Longueneige between two exploration rounds.


Developed by a single developer, this little puzzle game invites you to make full use of your head (in every sense of the word) to solve a bunch of puzzles. It will be available this summer on Nintendo Switch, with no specific date yet.

You play as Elec, a small robot whose mission is to bring light back into the world. When Elec touches walls, floors, platforms, switches, and the like, he shoots electricity through them, activating them. He can also detach and throw his head to trigger things from a distance, but be careful: if he doesn't get his head back within ten seconds, he'll power off. Elec will have to use his head, both literally and figuratively, to find a way out of this trap-ridden facility.

Even if we have not selected them in this top, the conference was an opportunity to (re)see some images of:

  • Gunbrella: A game from Devolver Digital that will arrive next year on Switch.
  • Batora: Lost Haven: Available this fall.
  • We are OFK: a musical biographical adventure in episodic format, available this summer.
  • SILT: a kind of black and white LIMBO where you dive into the ocean abyss to discover a world populated by strange creatures, available in June 2022.
  • Mini Motorways: the successor to Minimetro with motorways to manage all over the world, available now.
  • Cult of the Lamb: a wacky roguelite planned for this year.
  • Another crab's treasure: a soulslike of the seabed, available in 2023
  • Wayward Strand: Available July 21, 2022.
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