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What if the most famous Pokémon changed type? That's what it would look like!

What if the most famous Pokémon changed type? That's what it would look like!

It is well known that each species of Pokémon has its own type (water, grass, fire, ghost, etc...). But have you ever wondered: What if the Pokémon change type, the time of an illustration? Let's discover it all together!

Pokémon, these fabulous creatures born from the mind of Satoshi Tajiri, have now traveled around the world and accompanied several generations of children and adults with the various productions of the license. In total there are, until now, just over 900 different species of Pokémon, which have in turn marked generations of video games. All of them are very diverse in their appearance, but one essential characteristic unites them: their type.

At the center of battles between Pokémon, the type can be decisive in gaining the advantage… or not. Inspired by the natural logic of our world, each type fears another and thus, it is possible to develop real combat strategies. But while each Pokémon species has an assigned type that never changes, have you ever wondered...

What if Pokemon changed type?

While their appearance is mostly based on the type assigned to them (red for fire, blue for water, green for grass, etc.), it can be fun to imagine Pokémon taking on other colors as well. than other forms.

This is what a designer by the name of VilliamBoom imagined , who reproduced several species of Pokémon under another type, and the result is impressive!

Rather accustomed to crossovers between different animated universes, the artist now uses his talent to create these new works. Shown above is a Magikarp , which is shown as a wraith type, instead of its usual water type. The Pokémon thus turns into a scary ghost fish.

VilliamBoom also drew the starters for the first generation of Pokémon (1998), from the video games Red, Blue and Yellow versions… by mixing their basic types. Charmander is thus a water type, Bulbizarre a fire type and Squirtle a plant type.

VilliamBoom's drawings would almost transport us to another universe, where each Pokémon would have a type and therefore a different design! One thing is certain, although they are not the Pokémon that we know, they are nonetheless adorable.

Their creator calls them "Fakemon" , fake Pokémon. On Twitter, the Fakemon movement has been widely followed by the community and many cartoonists have also taken part in the trend. It is now possible to find dozens of Fakemon on the networks. There's only one thing left for you to do, catch them all!

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