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Pokémon Legends Arceus: A great gift for players!

Pokémon Legends Arceus: A great gift for players!

A new Mystery Gift is available on Pokémon Legends Arceus. Here's what it contains and how to get it.

In order to celebrate the end of the Les Neiges de Hisui anime series, inspired by Pokémon Legends Arceus, a new distribution is taking place on the game, allowing you to obtain the Cursenard Mask in its chromatic form.

Success for the new anime series!

The Snows of Hisui is a mini-series about the ancient Sinnoh region in just 3 episodes . The story takes you into the life of Alec who tells us anecdotes about his past as he heads back to this region he had discovered with his father. When he was younger, Alec's father told him that Pokémon and humans couldn't live together, but did the encounter between this young boy and a Zorua from Hisui bring another vision of things? You may find out by watching the three episodes because we don't want to spoil you: the viewing is worth it!

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Collect your free mystery gift

This is only the fourth official cast since the game's release but it'll likely delight a ton of fans who enjoyed the anime series. Note that this is not the first time that the Curse Nard Mask has been offered in-game: it was also one of the very first mystery gifts to be obtained, but in its normal version. This time, to celebrate the little shiny Zorua of the series, the mask will also be in chromatic colors (blue instead of red). This is a fashion accessory that you can make your character wear.

  • The distribution is valid from June 22, 2022 to June 1, 2023 : you therefore have one year to collect your free gift,
  • Head to the Mystery Gift menu in Pokémon Legends Arceus to collect it.
WoW: A monstrous bonus to experience is coming to prepare Wrath of the Lich King!

As WotLK Classic is approaching by leaps and bounds, Blizzard has already announced the imminent arrival of an exceptional and temporary event called Happy Travels. It will allow players to gain much more experience than normal and prepare for their arrival in Northrend quickly!

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