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Who to choose between Adaman and Irida on Pokémon Arceus?

Who to choose between Adaman and Irida on Pokémon Arceus?

Does the choice between the leaders of the Diamond and Pearl Clans affect the storyline of Pokémon Legends Arceus? The answer is yes and here is what awaits you based on your decision.

Who to choose between Adaman and Irida on Pokémon Arceus?

You are about to complete the main storyline of Pokémon Legends Arceus and you will have an important choice before you go to meet the Great Sinnoh . If you are used to the Game Freak license, you know that the Legendary obtained at the end of the game always depends on the version chosen (Diamond or Pearl, Gold or Silver etc...). Yet this new installment offers one and the same adventure for everyone and the choice is simply within a line of dialogue.

Why choose between Irida and Adaman?

Before going in search of the three creatures of the Lakes to find the Red Chain and close the rift, you will have to choose who from Irida or Adaman will accompany you to help you.

  • This choice directly affects which Legendary you will get first

Don't worry, you'll get Dialga and Palkia no matter what but one will be on your team first while the other will have to be faced in an epic Monarch-style fight.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

So if you choose to be accompanied by Diamond Clan Adaman , you will get Dialga first and then have to face Palkia. On the contrary, if you choose Irida of the Pearl Clan, you will get Palkia in your team first and will have to face Dialga.

As we said, the second Legendary will still come to your team thanks to the Origin Ball which will capture it for sure.

Dialga - Pokémon Legends: Arceus
Palkia - Pokémon Legends: Arceus
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