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Pokémon: A fake Pokémon making some noise on social media

Pokémon: A fake Pokémon making some noise on social media

A set of Pokémon cards unveiled by The Pokemon Company has ignited social medias and even created quite a buzz around a supposed "fake Pokémon".

Pokémon: A fake Pokémon making some noise on social media

The community of Pokémon players is surely one of the richest in content, each more original than the next. On all the networks, it is possible to find new nuggets every day! Here is one of them, a monumental hype created by… a Pokémon that isn't!

The Fake Pokemon

It all started when The Pokemon Company unveiled images of some Pokemon cards from the new "Dark Phantasma" set, available in Japan. This series of cards features Specter-type Pokémon from the Hisui region of Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

The card that made the buzz is that of Spiritomb, because a second Pokémon would hide there...

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Do not you see it ? Let's zoom in a bit.

Cute, right? - Pokémon Legends: Arceus
Cute, right?

Here it is ! It is not a Pokémon but rather a will-o'-the-wisp (or strange flame in the game), on which appear two dark energy symbols usually present on the cards. The will-o'-the-wisp therefore seems to have eyes, which are adorable too!

The new Pokemon

From "false Pokémon" , it has become "new Pokémon" as the community now wishes to see it appear in the mythical Pokédex. On the networks, many fanarts have even appeared, illustrating it and inventing a story of its own.

@TJGalamba writes: "Spiritiny, the Wisp Pokémon. When a Spirtomb's Keystone starts to crack a little too much, Spiritiny is able to escape and go in search of its own Keystone. These Ghost/Faerie-type Pokémon are kind enough to guide lost travelers through swamps and dark forests."

Other Twitter users completed the story: "It evolves into Spiritomb after catching 107 Spiritiny and storing them in your box at night" . Here's how, thanks to two energies placed on a Pokémon card, an entire community can unite to create a phenomenal buzz. Spiritiny, the little wisp Pokémon, was born.

Many find the new Pokémon adorable and want to see it in an upcoming Nintendo license game. This remains unlikely, given that the next installment to come is Pokémon Scarlet and Purple which will be released at the end of the year, and undoubtedly has a Pokédex already more or less finalized. Additionally, it is very rare for The Pokemon Company to add pre-evolutions to existing Pokemon. In this case, it is unlikely that Spiritiny will become that of Spiritomb.

However, hope gives life and maybe one day we will be able to see a Spiritiny in a Pokémon game, who knows?

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