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Elden Ring: Pushing a boss to sacrifice himself is possible!

Speed records and cheats are piling up in Elden Ring. Amid speedruns and other "no hit" runs, some players share their weirdest gaming experiences with us. Today: a boss who commits suicide when entering his second phase.

LoL: The first Star Guardian skin of 2022 may have leaked

Riot Games announced it, the Guardians of the stars will make their big comeback in League of Legends. If no date or champions have been specified for the moment, a first leak could have been seen online.

Elden Ring finally available on Nintendo Switch?

While Elden Ring is a huge success on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, could it be available soon on Nintendo's console? On social medias, a Switch version of the game was seen. Reality… or scam?

FFXIV Patch 6.1 Maintenance Schedule and Servers Status

Patch 6.1 maintenance of Final Fantasy XIV is coming very soon and will introduce the Myths of the Realm Alliance raid and PvP mode . Here's everything about the server status and update planning.

Will Darth Vader be a skin next season?

Several dataminers have sifted through the latest Unreal Engine 5 showcase, and several files mention the mighty Lord Vader as a secret skin for the next Fortnite season!

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