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Who won the Teep's Trials $25K Warzone tournament?

Warzone streamer and former CoD world champion TeePee has hosted another Warzone tournament with another huge prize pool. But which team walked away with the victory?

New Gulag coming as part of Warzone Season 4

As part of Warzone Season 4, the Gulag has received a facelift and for Black Ops fans, it will seem extremely familiar! Here's everything you need to know.

All Operators coming in Warzone Season 4

The start of Season 4 is right around the corner and thanks to some crafty data-miners, the new Operators joining the game have been revealed.

Overwatch is getting Cross-Play soon

Overwatch have announced that Cross-Play will be available soon, allowing players to group together no matter what platform they are on. And everyone who logs in to Overwatch by the end of 2021 will receive a Golden Loot Box to celebrate.

Ruination map coming to League of Legends

A leak shows assets for a "Ruined King" map in the League of Legends archive, and will likely come as part of the next Ruination event.

Hullbreaker item to replace Sanguine Blade in League of Legends

The new item will bring split pushing possibilities to a range of Champions, as the stats are more generic than that of Sanguine Blade. This is the first of at least three new items which are planned to be added to League of Legends.

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