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Riot Games unveils Enemy, the Arcane theme by Imagine Dragons

After many teasers, the main theme of the upcoming League of Legends animated series Arcane has been unveiled. Titled 'Enemy' and performed by Imagine Dragons x JID, it joins a soundtrack that features several well-known artists.

FFXIV Reveals every 6.0 Armor for Crafters and Gatherers in Endwalker

Endwalker is coming soon in Final Fantasy XIV and here is a visual preview of all the gear for Crafters and Gatherers. Find out everything there is to know about these new sets including some worn by a Male Viera with a hat in our article.

BlizzConline 2022 canceled: Blizzard speaks out

It's now official: BlizzConline 2022 will not happen, for obvious reasons. However, Blizzard have sought to clarify the future of the event, as well as the announcements that should have taken place during the event.

New Updates for FFXIV Rules and Account Penalty Policy

If you're tired of player selling raid clears in Party Finders, this should soon be over with the new regulations for Final Fantasy XIV. Here are all the changes to the game rules and punishments.

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