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How much is DokeV inspired by Korean culture?

As part of an interview with developers Pearl Abyss, we had the chance to learn a little more about the world of DokeV -- and in particular the extent of Korean culture influencing the game.

The open world of DokeV is going to be huge

Across the various trailers shown for the highly promising DokeV, developers Pearl Abyss have said that only 10% of the game's open world has been shown.

Is DokeV yet another copy of Pokémon?

While Pearl Abyss' upcoming sandbox title DokeV is still in development, many are having fun online comparing it to Pokémon. But what is it really? Does the simple act of collecting monsters necessarily make a game Pokémon-like?

The best video game soundtracks of 2021

There's been plenty of games in 2021 that have shone for their gameplay, but let's not forget about those with truly sumptuous soundtracks. Here's what we think are the best of the year.

The 5 most hardcore games of 2021

If you like a challenge, you've come to the right place. Here's our recommendations for the five most difficult games of 2021, across multiple genres.

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