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The open world of DokeV is going to be huge

The open world of DokeV is going to be huge

Across the various trailers shown for the highly promising DokeV, developers Pearl Abyss have said that only 10% of the game's open world has been shown.

The open world of DokeV is going to be huge

With more detail revealed as part of gamescom 2021, Korean open-world title DokeV has surprised many with its colorful world and impressive graphics.

The trailer showed off some breathtaking landscapes inspired by South Korea, with several means of transport allowing players to travel at speed. From skateboards to roller blades, and even a flying umbrella, the young protagonists had free reign to explore the various locations of a  giant island.

According to developers Pearl Abyss, the footage shown so far accounts for only 10% of the open world.

The trailer's cities were just a glimpse of DokeV's open world

In DokeV, players are tasked with collecting creatures called Dokebi through befriending some and battling others. There are also various side activities, such as fishing and even exploring on the back of a llama.

While everything looks very fluid, with many sequences showing travel by various methods of transport, but nothing would have suggested this was just 10% of the game's open world. 


In fact, the images released so far show two very distinct cities, rather than one giant metropole, with both located on a gigantic island.

To do a full tour of the latter city it will take several minutes, which is why modes of transport such as skateboards and jet skis have been introduced, to make travelling quicker. 

Pearl Abyss also confirmed that a day/night cycle will feature in the final game, as will a a system of seasons and weather.

No release date has been communicated for DokeV at the time of writing, with content subject to change as development continues.

Is DokeV yet another copy of Pokémon?

While Pearl Abyss' upcoming sandbox title DokeV is still in development, many are having fun online comparing it to Pokémon. But what is it really? Does the simple act of collecting monsters necessarily make a game Pokémon-like?

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