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Has Axium, one of EU's biggest FFXIV guilds, disbanded?

Has Axium, one of EU's biggest FFXIV guilds, disbanded?

Axium is one of Final Fantasy XIV's biggest Free Companies in Europe, or at least was -- it appears the guild has recently imploded.

Has Axium, one of EU's biggest FFXIV guilds, disbanded?

There aren't that many Free Companies that can say they have over a thousand members in Final Fantasy XIV. Be it a good thing or not for the social part of the game, Axium was a group of guilds under the same name (designated I, II etc) that numbered around two thousand members in total, all managed by the same player with multiple alts made to create this FC.

The Free Company is found on the Chaos Data Center, and was first founded in 2013 on Odin before moving to Ragnarok. Firstly it was a FC, then becoming quite an (in)famous name on the server, it was nevertheless one of the biggest elements of European FFXIV.

The Axium legacy ended a few days ago, however, with the conglomerate imploding because of what looks like internal drama.

From around two thousand members to just one in the subs guilds, and around 30 members in the original FC, the Axium group looks well and truly over.

Previous members have explained that the FC leader even went as far as changing their in-game name and leaving FC (while giving the control of the guild to an alt), to hide from the storm. This wouldn't be the first time they had left for months on end, without putting someone else in charge.

While we don't have any more details just yet, rumors are spreading about how the guilds were "managed" -- with nothing good worth mentioning.

If you know more about the guild and how it was organized, please feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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AxiumFC 2 years ago I have collected player experiences about Axium but nothing on why it disbanded. I have personal experience of how the leader would bully newer members to feed his ego and made a Twitter remember that (yes it's full of salt but other player experiences are there). I'll add the only reason the FC was big was that it constantly spam invited newer members. Most members that got to any point where they needed to do endgame or needed help would leave or worse quit the game. <br /> <br /> There were no events really and the community was split into groups. On top of this after the leader did story content he'd afk and be off for months (can see by his ilvl gear being 510 gear you can get within an hour or 2 now)<br /> <br /> The place was a really bad experience for many players and probably ruined the game for 100s vs the experience you can have in other FCs. Others have said the leader stalked ex-members, banned newer members from chatting in the FC among the stuff above. Or the TLDR... leader spam invited a lot of people every expansion and never tried because he liked having a massive FC but really he didn't put the effort in and used his position negatively.

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