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The Robin Hood Prime Gaming Pack is now available in New World

The Robin Hood Prime Gaming Pack is now available in New World

The second set of Prime Gaming rewards for New World is now available. The Robin Hood Pack offers a set of cosmetics for your character.

Before resuming your adventure in New World, don't forget to grab the Robin Hood #1 Pack, which gives you the Robin Hood skin, a Flying Kiss emote, a blue Prime dye stack and a pack of Robin Hood coats of arms.

To be eligible for this offer, you must be an Amazon Prime member and link your Amazon account to Amazon Games, and link your Amazon Games account to Steam. If all these steps are correctly done, you can then claim your reward via this link.

Note that Pirate Pack #2 is available until November 1, so don't forget to claim that too!

New World

The next Prime Gaming content will also be Robin Hood themed: a Dye pack, a bow skin and a new emote. This one will be available after November 9, and then the fall-themed pack will go live on December 7.

How do I equip my skins?

If you've redeemed the offer and linked your Steam account, your content will be in the inventory the next time you log into New World.

To equip your Robin Hood skin, follow these steps:

  • Open your inventory
  • Right-click on a piece of armor and select "Change Appearance"
  • An Appearance Selection menu will appear, allowing you to change skin for that item.
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