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All New World Tips & Guides

All New World Tips & Guides

Here you'll find all our guides to Amazon Studios' New World, a new MMO to challenge the genre. From leveling and Factions to PvP and Expeditions, we cover everything you need for your adventure in Aeternum.

General Guides & Info

Getting Started

Gameplay Overview
PvP & PvE
Interactive Map
Leveling Guide
How to reach max level faster
Optimise Builds
Community Resource
Gold Farming
How to Make Money
Optimise Crafting
Weapons & Armor
Increasing Inventory
Satchels & More
Farming & Uses
Reputation Guide
Territory Standing
Power Farming Guide
How They Work
Faction Gear
Is it worth the effort?



Herbs & Spices
Where to Find
Where to Find


Where to Find
Where to Find
Seepings Stones & Oil
Where to Find


Fishing Hotspots
How They Work
Fishing Quest Chain
Obtain a Legendary Pole!


Where to Get Ingredients
Crates, Stockpiles & Carts


Amrine Tuning Orb
Expedition Access Item
Depths Tuning Orb
Expedition Access Item
Starstone Tuning Orb
Expedition Access Item
Dynasty Tuning Orb
Expedition Access Item
Lazarus Tuning Orb
Expedition Access Item
Genesis Tuning Orb
Expedition Access Item

Quests & Missions

More Stories

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08:41 New World Server Transfer Guide: How to transfer characters
08:00 New World Patch Notes: Update 1.0.3 adds final pieces of character transfer puzzle
13:04 Where to find Soulwyrms for Soul Motes & Soulwyrm Tongue in New World
12:35 Where to find Lightning Beetles for Air Motes in New World
12:07 Where to find Earthshell Turtles for Earth Motes & Earthshell Tail in New World
11:43 Where to find Blightmoths for Death Motes & Blightmoth Dust in New World
11:30 Where to find Floating Spinefish for Water Motes & Spinefish Fins in New World


New World: Minimum and recommended PC specs
New World: Housing in Aeternum

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