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New World: Increasing Inventory Size

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New World: Increasing Inventory Size

Resources take up a lot of room in New World, meaning you'll have to micromanage. Here's how to increase your inventory and weight capabilities and give yourself a little breathing space.

New World: Increasing Inventory Size

New World is full of items to collect, whether picked up from supply crates, harvesting resources from trees or minerals, or dropped by enemies. As such, your bags will fill quickly. 

While New World doesn't operate on a 'slots' basis like other MMOs, it does have weight limits. But fear not, here's how you can increase your allowance and therefore get more space.

How to get more inventory space in New World

Crafting Satchels

To increase your weight allowance, you can head to the Outfitting Station and make your own bags. Different levels allow for different weight increases.

You can also find these bags in the Trading Post, but these will be expensive. We advise crafting your own -- not only to save money, but to increase your crafting levels in the process.

It won't be easy, and it will be time-consuming in the resources you'll need to farm, but it'll definitely be worth it. 

If you don't have the appropriate crafting skills, you should ask your Company members if they can craft the bag for you.

Coarse Leather Adventurers Satchel

Tier 2

Level 5

45 Coarse Leather

25 Linen

10 Iron Ingot

1 Minor Rune of Holding

Rugged Leather Adventurers Satchel

Tier 3

Level 20

45 Rugged Leather

25 Sateen

10 Steel Ingot

1 Major Rune of Holding

Layered Leather Adventurers Satchel

Tier 4

Level 40

45 Layered Leather

25 Silk

10 Starmetal Ingot

1 Greater Rune of Holding

Infused Leather Adventurers Satchel

Tier 5

Level 60

45 Infused Leather

25 Infused Silk

10 Orichalcum Ingot

1 Grand Rune of Holding

Where to find Runes of Holding

Runes of Holding can be found in the faction store.

They aren't cheap, but often the cost is a worthy trade-off against having to discard items on your travels. 

Minor Rune of Holding (T2)

1,000 Tokens
250 Gold

Major Rune of Holding (T3)

3,000 Tokens
500 Gold coins

Greater Rune of Holding (T4)

5,000 Tokens
1,000 Gold

Grand Rune of Holding (T5)

7,000 Tokens
1,500 Gold

Storage in Settlements

New World

In addition, the different settlements in Aeternum have Storage Sheds you can use to dump any excess materials you don't immediately need.

However, be mindful that these sheds will not link with sheds in other settlements -- if you put a load of Wood into a shed in Brightwood, you won't be able to access it in Ebonscale, for example. 

There is an exception, though -- if the two settlements belong to your faction, you can transfer the goods in exchange for gold.

Reputation increases the storage capacity of these sheds, which do have weight limits.

Through Quests

Some quest givers will be rather generous, awarding bags for completion. 

In particular, the quest "Inspecting the Goods" given by Trader Heyn in Windward awards the Worn Traveler's Satchel.

New World: Interactive map of resources

Are you struggling to find the pages of lore or resources like Platinum, Herb, Grains of Life and more? Note that an interactive map has been designed to help you on New World.

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