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How to get the Overwolf minimap addon for New World

The New World MiniMap and Aeternum Map addons for overlay app Overwolf do precisely that - add a minimap to New World with full tracking features. While not officially signed-off by Amazon - yet - here's how to install them.

Where to get Void Ore in New World

A Tier 5, Legendary-quality ore that's a key component in max-level Armoring, Void Ore is an extremely rare resource in New World. Here's where and how you can get it.

Where to find Shockbulb for Air Motes & Air Reagents in New World

Motes are a key resource in New World, used as components in several Arcana recipes among others. Air Mote, Shockbulb Stem, Shockbulb Leaf, and Shockbulb Flower can be found when harvesting Shockbulb plants, and here's the best places to look.

New World Enemy Guide: Resistances & Weaknesses

There are five main types of enemy in New World, each with their own resistances and weaknesses. From Ancients to Angry Earth, Corrupted to The Lost and Beasts, here's what you need to know to counter your foes effectively.

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