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How to get the Overwolf minimap addon for New World

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How to get the Overwolf minimap addon for New World

The New World MiniMap and Aeternum Map addons for overlay app Overwolf do precisely that - add a minimap to New World with full tracking features. While not officially signed-off by Amazon - yet - here's how to install them.

How to get the Overwolf minimap addon for New World

While Amazon Game Studios' new MMO, New World, has proven to be a massive hit since its launch almost a month ago, one thing players have complained about is the lack of a minimap displayed on-screen as you adventure through Aeternum.

Having to constantly access the main map to track your progress or route is often a laborious affair -- and has led to two different addons for the Overwolf app being developed by fans.

As yet, these addons are 'unofficial', in that AGS haven't signed off on their use. This means there's every possibility AGS could see this as 'hacking' or 'cheating', with accounts identified and punished accordingly. As such, our advice is to use these at your own risk.

However, New World community manager Luxendra has said in a post on the official forums that discussions are ongoing with Overwolf. With more than 50,000 downloads of the two addons and counting, which could mean official approval down the line.

Source: New World Forums - New World
Source: New World Forums

Here are the two addons, and how to install them.

New World MiniMap

The more popular of the two addons as of the time of writing, New World MiniMap draws information from the interactive

It allows you to track resources such as ore, herbs, chests and more, has icons for the various crafting stations in settlements, and more. 

You can change the size of the map, its opacity, and even select which markers are shown - meaning you can customise it to whatever farming needs you have and avoid clutter. There are even hotkeys for zooming in and out, and hiding the minimap, while in-game. 

Source: - New World

Aeternum Map

A more comprehensive map addon, Aeternum Map adds both the minimap to your UI and a separate app window on your desktop you can open as a resource to Alt+Tab out to.

Here you can select which categories you choose to display, and it covers almost every location, resource, and Fishing Hotspot there is in the game. It can even track the many Lore Notes and NPCs.

Source: Aeternum Map - New World
Source: Aeternum Map
Source: Aeternum Map - New World
Source: Aeternum Map

How to install the minimap addons for New World

To install either of these addons, you'll need to have installed the general Overwolf app. Luckily, the Overwolf website makes it easy for you to do both at the press of a button.

Simply go to the app page for your preferred addon and click 'Download' - this will download an .exe file that includes both Overwolf and the addon.

Once done, simply launch New World and the addon should be running already.

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